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Why use an ARLA Propertymark Protected Letting Agent?

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Whether you have a property to rent out or are searching for a home, you need an agent that you can trust and rely on when issues arise. The quality of the agent makes a real difference. Our experts have voluntarily chosen to become regulated by us and highlight their commitment to higher standards.

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If you are a landlord, you need professional service and the confidence that your agent will manage your investment in your best interests. As a tenant, you need the reassurance that maintenance issues will be dealt with promptly and your tenancy will run smoothly. ARLA Propertymark Protected agents help landlords to find the right tenants, and tenants to enjoy their treasured homes.

Every year tenants and landlords suffer through dealing with agents who are inexperienced or do not adhere to the law. In the worst cases financial losses can add up to millions of pounds. We regulate ARLA Propertymark agents to ensure they work to a higher standard than the law demands. Make sure your letting agent is offering you Propertymark Protection.

ARLA Propertymark Protected Members Offer More

Backed by a Client Money Protection (CMP) scheme

Experienced and trained professionals who are required to undertake regular training

They are members of a Government approved independent redress scheme *

Kept up to date with complex legislative changes and best practice

Submit independently audited financial accounts to Propertymark

Adhere to a nationally recognised Code of Practice

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There is currently no requirement for agents to put client money into a separate bank account or to protect client money. ARLA Propertymark has campaigned for many years for all letting agents to be required to belong to a scheme which provides essential protection for landlords and tenants. In response to our campaign the government has finally agreed and is taking steps to make Client Money Protection (CMP) mandatory for all letting agents. If your agent offers Propertymark Protection independent checks will be made regularly on your agents’ finances and you will be covered by our reimbursement scheme in the event that anything goes wrong. Other agents are only now being pulled into line with ARLA Propertymark agents.

Rogue letting agent Manish Manek was found guilty of 17 counts of theft involving tenants’ deposits and rent owed to landlords. He stole £47,000 before fleeing the UK in October 2012. A police investigation found that Manek had been putting tenant deposits and rent into his personal account. He was finally arrested and sentenced to jail leaving landlords and tenants out of pocket. His victims never saw their money returned. If a letting agent is not covered by CMP, both landlords and tenants can lose their money

You will receive a professional service from an ARLA Propertymark Protected agent, but if things go wrong the ARLA Propertymark CMP scheme will step in and reimburse tenants and landlords, subject to CMP scheme limits. More info...

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Not All Letting Agents are Regulated

Agents do not currently have to be qualified, anyone can set up a lettings agency but only an ARLA Propertymark agent offers true protection and peace of mind. All agents who belong to ARLA Propertymark are required to operate in a transparent way, providing services which are subject to independent scrutiny. Any agent who falls below Propertymark’s standards will be subject to disciplinary action.

Check that your letting agent is professional by asking these questions


Which independent redress scheme do you belong to?


Is a full list of your fees and charges freely available as required by law?


Are you ARLA Propertymark Protected?

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Letting Agents in Scotland

ARLA Propertymark has fought for improvements and set higher standards for tenancies in Scotland. We persuaded the Scottish Government, with other agencies, that tenants and landlords need more safeguards.

The Scottish Government listened to our concerns and passed the Letting Agent Code of Practice (Scotland) Regulations 2016. This means that from early 2018 all letting agents will need to register and be qualified. We think that makes perfect sense: ARLA Propertymark agents have always voluntarily chosen to do just that.

* Does not apply to letting agents operating in Scotland.



Order leaflets from the online shop which explain to clients the protection they receive from an ARLA Propertymark Protected letting agent.