Power hour: Seven reasons why 'content is king'

The term ‘content is king’ may be an overused cliché, yet content remains a huge piece of the marketing puzzle for many agents. Understanding why content should be at the top of your agenda is crucial. Learn how quality content can help visibility, brand awareness and increase leads for your agency.

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Amanda explains the importance of creating, publishing and consistently repurposing content to help you become the ‘go-to’ agent in your area.

Topics discussed include:

  • Why you can’t afford to be behind the curve with your content
  • Is Google still interested in content in 2021?
  • How long-tail keywords work and why you should use them
  • Ways to get content in front of your target audience
  • Why your readers are your best ‘pollinators’
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Boost your marketing skills with timeless tips that will help you identify key business opportunities, stand out in a crowded marketplace, maximise brand awareness and ultimately generate business.


Amanda O'Brien

Founder, Content for Estate Agents

Amanda is a content creator, writer and founder of contentforestateagents.co.uk a service born out of her genuine frustration at the lack of high-quality content available for independent estate and lettings agents. Driven by her passion for words, and with more than 15 years of experience, Amanda takes pride in providing premium content for her clients.

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