Is customer service secretly killing your business?

Does your customer service WOW your customers to pay more, buy more and return more? Create moments that excite, thrill, motivate and inspire your customers to want to do more business with you and carry the message of how great you really are.

Business man with knife behind their back

Most companies give great service, but, Paul will drop the bombshell that there is a massive new problem that could be secretly be losing you sales, sending your customers elsewhere and drowning your business in a sea of competition. The worst thing is, that most people don’t even know it.

Using amazing real life examples from in-flight service to booking a honeymoon, ordering lunch and his famous train journey story, Paul shares the stories of some exceptional people who created WOW moments with their customers. 

Customer service can turn everyday situations into incredibly valuable experiences which will get your clients and the world talking about your business and generate more sales, more referrals and more loyalty.

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Paul Wearmouth

Customer Service and Experience Specialist

Paul is a pioneer of the customer service and experience world. He is the creator of WOW Customer Care and Experience and knows that in this 'new normal' the only way to grow your business is to inspire, incite and motivate your customers to want to spend more, buy more and return more. His real-life examples and original content will have you fixed on how to take your customer service to a new level. 

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