Help me Fix: Remote video triage for maintenance issues

The way they maintenance is handled is changing. Sending a contractor out for every maintenance issue is a waste of time and money, and is bad for the environment. Property managers spend more time chasing after contractors and explaining call-out charges to angry landlord than doing the work that counts.

On top of all this, out-of-hours maintenance is a problem which most agents struggle to address effectively, often resorting to a telephone answering service and either unreliable local contractors, or a national company that can’t provide the same level of service.

Help me Fix is a video service that connects tenants to tradespeople over video to reduce call-out charges, save time for property managers and provide professional oversight for, and automate, out-of-hours maintenance.

Help me Fix explained

Help me Fix automates reactive maintenance using video, freeing up more time for stressed out property managers

Offer to members

Propertymark members get 20 per cent off subscription fees for the first 12 months.

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