Enhancing efficiency and service in lettings through technology integration

Letting agents have access to a wide array of industry tools to elevate their business operations, including CRM platforms, marketing software, referencing providers, accounting tools, and deposit services. Integrating suppliers is a straightforward method to maximise the utility of existing resources, streamline operations, prevent fraud, and improve the experience for both tenants and landlords.


The Advantages of Integrations

Unified Information Hub

By integrating various technology providers, letting agents create a centralised repository of information. This ensures consistency across different platforms. For instance, Alto's integration with Tappter consolidates communication channels like WhatsApp, SMS, and email into a single interface, guaranteeing a comprehensive audit trail. Such integrations minimise errors and provide agents with up-to-date and accurate property and customer data.

Improved Customer Experience

Access to real-time data empowers agents to deliver seamless and personalised experiences to tenants and landlords alike. Integrated CRM platforms facilitate tracking customer interactions and preferences, enabling tailored services and recommendations. This can lead to higher customer retention rates and increased sales.

Streamlined Financial Management

Integrating accounting software facilitates seamless invoicing, payment processing, and financial reporting. For instance, Sage real estate accounting software offers agents real-time financial insights into property portfolios and cash flow forecasts. Such tools aid letting agents in managing finances efficiently, tracking income versus expenses, and ensuring compliance. Open banking technology is another example, widely used for tenant affordability verification and automated rent collection.

Deposits: A Special Consideration

When selecting a deposit platform, letting agents must ensure it works smoothly with their existing processes.

For example, Flatfair Deposits leverages integrations with multiple industry suppliers to streamline tenancy deposits for over 700 letting agents and their customers:

  1. Agents create draft tenancies on Reapit or Goodlord's software, seamlessly feeding into flatfair's platform.
  2. Homeppl and HomeLet are integrated into Flatfair's platform for conducting standard referencing checks.
  3. Tenants are offered the choice between a traditional deposit or Flatfair's deposit alternative, No Deposit.
  4. If tenants opt for a traditional deposit, Flatfair employs open banking technology to administer deposits swiftly and in compliance with legal requirements.
  5. If tenants choose Flatfair No Deposit, all necessary paperwork and payments can be completed via the platform.

As demonstrated by Flatfair Deposits, integrations are pivotal in the success of letting agents, allowing them to leverage technology effectively, freeing up more time for core business operations.

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