It's been five years since we started campaigning for leasehold reform and our latest report: Leasehold 2023: Has Anything Changed? shows there are still concerns with property agents and consumers still experiencing difficulties with several areas relating to leasehold law.

Leasehold stats

of agents believe homebuyers are more aware of issues surrounding leasehold property

of buyers ask for information about the lease before they view a property.

of agents said leasehold property with escalating ground rent will struggle to sell, even if priced correctly.

of agents who sell property on behalf of developers report that they do not always provide the pertinent leasehold information.

Cladding stats

Agents report that
of buyers ask about cladding before they view a property.

of agents saying that buyers only ask after they have agreed to purchase a property.

of agents reported that buyers only ask when banks make enquiries as part of the buying process.

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Property agents play a key role in supporting home buyers and sellers, so it is positive to see that consumer awareness about leasehold information has increased. However, increasing awareness is only one piece of the puzzle.

Policymakers must do more to create a level playing field with those who already own a leasehold property, make enfranchisement easier, simplify the process for lease extensions and where there is no managing agent, freeholders must sign up to a redress scheme.

Furthermore, as with sales, lettings and managing agents, for developers, there are no minimum standards to work in the sector and there are no statutory rules to ensure those buying and selling leasehold property are suitably qualified. As highlighted by the findings in our report a whole sector approach is needed to further protect consumers and bring about positive change for leaseholders.

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Timothy Douglas Head of Policy and Campaigns | Propertymark

Leasehold training and resources

Download our leasehold FAQs (members only) or attend a training course to further understand leasehold legislation and what you need to do.

Propertymark's Understanding leasehold research
Understanding leasehold

This guide provides Propertymark estate agents with best practice on helping people buy and sell leasehold property. Estate agents have a level of responsibility under the Consumer Protection Regulations to pass on all material information in respect of a lease.

FAQ Leasehold houses with wooden panelling.jpg
FAQs: Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022

The Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022 restricts ground rents on newly created long residential leases for single dwellings such as a flat or house to a token one peppercorn per year, effectively restricting ground rents to zero financial value.

FAQ New build houses against grey sky.jpg
FAQs: Leasehold Reform

On 7 January 2021, the UK Government announced reforms with the intention of making it easier and cheaper for leaseholders to buy their homes in England.

Agent showing a couple around a new build
Leasehold: How to read leases

Navigate your way around leases to quickly find the answers to day-to-day questions which typically arise.

Leasehold: A Life Sentence

In September 2018, Propertymark’s report ‘Leasehold: A Life Sentence?’ unearthed some troubling statistics about the way leaseholders have been treated when purchasing their property.

As part of our campaign, we surveyed over 1,000 leaseholders to explore the extent of the scandal which has left thousands of people facing escalating ground rent, extortionate fees for making cosmetic alternations and the inability to sell their homes.

  • 48% were unaware of escalating ground rents attached to their lease when they purchased the property.
  • 60% of those leaseholders currently trying to sell their home report that they are struggling to sell because it is leasehold.
  • 62% of leaseholders felt that they were mis-sold when they bought their home.
  • 70% of leaseholders are worried that they will not be able to sell their homes because they are leasehold.
  • 94% of leasehold homeowners regret buying a leasehold.

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Campaign success

Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act

Campaigning from Propertymark helped lead to the introduction of the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act in June 2022, ending ground rent for most new long residential leases granted for properties in England and Wales.

In 2018, Propertymark provided evidence to the House of Common’s Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee’s Leasehold reform inquiry and the UK Government’s consultation on

making the leasehold market fairer. We were a member of the Welsh Government’s Task and Finish Group set up to reform the leasehold sector. Its report which identified failings in the leasehold system was released in July 2019.

In 2021, Propertymark’s research as published in our Leasehold: A Life Sentence report was quoted in Parliament by Baroness Andrews during Second Reading of the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Bill to highlight issues around ground rents and unreasonable service charges.

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27 Jun 2022
Leasehold changes take effect

The Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022 takes effect on 30 June 2022, ending ground rent for most new long residential leases granted for properties in England and Wales.

Campaign success

New Homes Ombudsman

After lobby for its introduction as part of our work on leasehold issues, the UK Government introduced a New Homes Ombudsman via the Building Safety Act 2022.

Propertymark put forward proposals for an ombudsman scheme for purchasers of new build homes and for all new house builders sign up to the Consumer Code for Home Builders in our research, Leasehold: A Life Sentence.

We also outlined our concerns and put our proposals forward to the House of Commons Housing Communities and Local Government Committee inquiry into leasehold reform and the UK Government’s call for evidence into improving the home buying and selling process.

Bringing new homes under the scope of an ombudsman allows for a level playing field across the entire house buying process and will ensure the selling activities that developers are engaging in are of a consistently high standard.

Housing estate being built
10 Oct 2022
Ombudsman Service launches with Code for housing developers

Barratt, Taylor Wimpey, Redrow and Bellway are among 100 firms signed up to a new Code of Practice, following the launch of a new Ombudsman Service. The Code has been developed in response to growing pressure surrounding complaints from owners of new build housing that issues fail to be resolved effectively.

Related news

Scaffolding on apartments.jpg
04 Dec 2023
Updated plans on high-rise safety designed to reassure lenders

There is a confirmed route to remediation for all buildings over 11 metres in Wales, with ten major UK developers already lined up to complete fire safety works. Alongside new cladding valuation guidance expected from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), these plans demonstrate to valuers and lenders that essential work can be carried out at no cost to leaseholders.

Westminster Houses of Parliament lampost.jpg
27 Nov 2023
Leasehold and Freehold Bill starts progress through UK Parliament

A ban on new leasehold houses and limits on ground rent for new flats are contained in the long-promised and eagerly awaited Bill, and for existing leaseholders, selling should be made quicker and easier.

modern apartments.jpg
10 Nov 2023
Peppercorn rents are the only option to align new and existing leaseholders

A public consultation has opened on proposals to cap ground rents in England and Wales as the UK Government begins its latest action to reform the sector. Legislation is already in place in the Ground Rent Act 2022 to ensure that new residential leases are restricted to a peppercorn ground rent, and this new proposal sets out options to extend this protection to existing leaseholders.

Apartment buildings in autumn.jpg
09 Nov 2023
Prominent brokers pledge to lower leaseholder premiums

Five multi-occupancy building insurance providers have agreed to act on concerns about the value and transparency of commission and commission sharing practices. They have promised to help reduce costs and improve disclosure for residential leaseholders in buildings with fire safety issues.

Flats window.jpg
07 Nov 2023
RAAC: what private sector agents need to know

School closures made headlines over the summer of 2023, but these are not the only buildings that could be affected by structural issues because of old or badly maintained materials. Property agents need to understand key facts relating to domestic and commercial buildings, especially those who deal with leaseholds.

Houses of Parliament pink.jpeg
07 Nov 2023
Ground rent ban and renters reform feature in King's Speech

The UK Government has outlined its priorities for the months ahead at the State Opening of Parliament which includes a ban on new leasehold houses in England and Wales and the delivery of the much-discussed Renter’s (Reform) Bill.