Manage your membership

Keep your contact information and preferences up-to-date to help us provide you with a valuable membership experience. 

Set your contact preferences in the members' area and double-check your details to ensure you don't miss any essential information or government legislative announcements. Inform us of any new qualifications you achieve, or if your place of work changes, as this could lead to a membership upgrade.

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Update personal details

Keep your address and contact details up to date so you don't miss out on valuable membership resources. You can also set up your social media links here.

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Communication preferences

Update your contact preferences and interests so that you only get the communications you want to receive.

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Renew your membership

Log into the members' area to renew your membership. Please be aware you won't be able to renew your membership until you have received your renewal reminder.

Your find an expert profile

Find an expert is a search facility which consumers can use to find a Propertymark Protected expert in their area, or check the membership status of an agent. You have some basic settings to help you control what consumers see so make sure these details are accurate.

Complete a search to check on your find an expert listing

Your personal profile will appear in our find an expert search if you work for a Propertymark Protected company. In the members' area, you have the option to display your:

  • Profile picture
  • Job title
  • Membership(s)
  • Email address
  • Work phone number
  • Social links (Twitter/LinkedIn)
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