Tenant guides

Our renting guides provide tips covering a wide range of topics that tenants might uncover whilst renting in the UK. We're here to help tenants understand their responsibilities and what they are entitled to throughout their tenancy.

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How to rent a home: the key things you should know

If you're not used to renting it can feel overwhelming with a lot to remember for a smooth tenancy. Our complete guide will give you a headstart by advising what to look out for and what questions to consider throughout the process.

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Ban on fees charged to tenants

This guide outlines the important changes under the Tenant Fees Act and Renting Homes (Fees etc.) (Wales) Act 2019 so you can ensure you're paying the correct fees. 

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What is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST)?

Most tenancies are considered an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). Put simply, it is an agreement between a tenant and a landlord for living in a rented property.

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Tenancy Deposit Protection (TDP) explained

The Government introduced measures to make sure tenancy deposits are protected whilst they are with the landlord or letting agent. This guide covers everything you need to know.

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What to do at the end of your tenancy

If you want to move out of your rented home, you might be wondering what you have to do. This guide will help make sure your everything is in order before you pack up.

What rights do tenants have?

UK tenants have a number of rights to cover themselves from unfair evictions, rent increases and more. This guide covers the key rights all tenants should be aware of.

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Living with housemates

Housemates with different lifestyles can take some getting used to so our advice aims to help maintain a positive, amicable living space whilst renting shared accommodation. 

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Joint tenancies explained

When living in shared accommodation, the type of tenancy you have will affect your responsibilities as a tenant and what happens if someone on the tenancy wants to leave.

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Renting with pets

If a rented property prohibits pets but you believe the property would be suitable, use our tips to help strengthen your case to change the landlord's stance on pets.

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Private Residential Tenancies in Scotland

This guide explains what a Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) is, how and when you should see a copy of it and what you can expect to find in the agreement. 

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Right to Rent explained

This guide sets out everything you need to know about how Right to Rent checks are done and what they mean for you as a tenant.

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How subletting works

Subletting is when a tenant lets out part of the property which they themselves are renting. You must always get written consent from the landlord before subletting. 

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Jargon busting A–Z

There can be a lot to get your head around when it comes to property. We've put together a list of common terms to help you beat the jargon.

Move iQ's podcasts on renting property

​​​​Join Phil Spencer, founder of Move iQ and popular presenter of Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location, and members of the Propertymark team as they talk all things property.

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Series 6, sponsored by Propertymark
Move iQ Podcast episode 6
26 Jan 2022
How to avoid the pitfalls when renting a property

Phil Spencer talks to ARLA Propertymark President Maxine Fothergill on the the pitfalls of renting and how to avoid the most common mistakes. Did you know how common it is for tenants not to check their inventory or read their contract fully?

Move iQ Podcast episode 7
02 Feb 2022
Answering renters' frequently asked questions

In Episode 7, Maxine Fothergill, ARLA Propertymark President is back talking to Phil Spencer and answering renters’ frequently answered questions. Not surprisingly, the top of the list is all things deposits. How can you protect your deposit? How can you reduce deductions?

Move iQ Podcast episode 8
09 Feb 2022
What happens at the end of your tenancy

Do you know what happens at the end of your tenancy? Phil Spencer talks to Maxine Fothergill, ARLA Propertymark President about the things that can happen before a tenancy is terminated, including renewal options and the benefits and risks of each approach. Whichever way works for you – make sure that you have a written record of any discussions you have.