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10 Jun 2024

A Dickensian legal process

Propertymark's monthly Housing Insight Report has identified a significant deterioration in the number of transactions progressing from offer acceptance to exchange of contracts within 12 weeks. In the first of our research spotlight series, this report looks into the reasons why the time taken to exchange contracts is elongating.

Other research reports:

20 Mar 2024
Reforming the PRS: landlord views of the Renters (Reform) Bill

In this report, we share insights into the Renters (Reform) Bill from the perspective of landlords, which was obtained via Propertymark letting agent members' landlords. If the Bill is implemented, landlords whose properties are managed by Propertymark member agents will receive professional support to assist with implementation and compliance. However, it remains to be seen if the UK Government plan to provide further guidance, and whether it is sufficient to support self-managing landlords.

Reforming the PRS, letting agent views of the Renters (Reform) Bill.jpg
24 Jan 2024
Reforming the PRS: letting agent views of the Renters (Reform) Bill

In this report, we share insights into the Renters (Reform) Bill from the perspective of letting agents, a key force for change within the sector. The research, conducted with a geographically representative sample of Propertymark letting agent members, provides valuable evidence, which policy makers can use to help shape the Bill in its final stages and thereafter inform its implementation.

Energy efficiency in UK property.jpg
17 Aug 2023
Energy efficiency in UK property: Where to go from here?

Starting with a review of the influence of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) on the decisions of homebuyers, property investors, and tenants, this report reveals that while there is some consumer interest in EPCs, the level of importance varies across different sectors.

Leasehold 2023, has anything changed.jpg
06 Jul 2023
Leasehold 2023: Has anything changed?

In 2018 Propertymark published a report titled 'Leasehold: A Life Sentence?' Based on the findings of that report, we helped to drive legislative change that has so far culminated in the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022. Following this change, we investigated whether anything had changed in the world of leasehold.

Fair rent and the right to adequate housing in the PRS in Wales.jpg
25 May 2023
Fair rent and the right to adequate housing in the private rented sector in Wales

This report analyses the sentiment of letting agents in Wales regarding the Welsh Government’s plan to introduce fair rents. 41 per cent of agents reported that landlords had raised concerns with them about the potential fair rent legislation, indicating anxiety about the impact on their ability to provide homes in Wales.

Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) (Scotland), April 2023.jpg
11 Apr 2023
Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) (Scotland): Letting Agent Insight, April 2023

In December 2022, we responded to a call for evidence from the Scottish Government using data from a survey of Propertymark member agents. This report is based on a follow-up survey that was open in February 2023 and looked predominantly at the impact of the extension to the temporary measures of The Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) (Scotland) Act.

Annual review of 2022 and Outlook for 2023
19 Jan 2023
Annual Housing Review of 2022 and Outlook for 2023

Propertymark reveals concerns and opportunities for the property sector and an analysis of market trends in 2022. Above all, we saw more people than ever looking to live in the private rented sector and seasonal peaks and troughs coming back, as well as a return to a buyer’s market by the end of the year that is the status-quo pre-pandemic.

Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) (Scotland), December 2022.jpg
19 Dec 2022
Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) (Scotland): Letting Agent Insight, December 2022

The Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) (Scotland) Act 2022 came into force on 28 October 2022 and introduced temporarily restrictions on landlords from increasing the amount of rent they can charge and restrictions on evictions from residential tenancies.

The impact of short-term lets.jpg
25 Oct 2022
The impact of short-term/holiday lets on UK housing

This research piece presents an updated picture of the current market for short-term lets (STLs), looks at the broader costs/benefits to our communities, and potential solutions that could maximise the benefits while minimising the drawbacks as seen by property agents.

Renting with pets survey.jpg
05 Jul 2022
Renting with pets survey reveals extent of damage costs to landlords

An online survey showed that pet damage is extremely common in properties where landlords rent to tenants with pets and the costs are difficult to recoup. With the demand for pet-friendly homes continuing to increase, the UK Government must now understand the costs for landlords and implement rules that support the sector.

A shrinking private rented sector publication
06 Jun 2022
A shrinking private rented sector

Research reveals the full extent of landlords’ exit from the PRS (private rented sector) indicating the rate at which the sector is shrinking.

2022 Annual Housing Review
01 Feb 2022
2021 Housing Review: Highest Buyer Demand in 17 Years

In our latest analytical look at the housing market, we review 2021 trends, property supply and sales using member data and statistics. The year began with an average availability of 38 homes for sale per branch. This dramatically decreased over the course of the year.

Lagging behind research.jpg
21 Oct 2021
Lagging behind: energy efficiency in low-viability properties

This report raises concerns over the affordability of retrofitting properties and highlights that residents in the North of England will be the hardest hit. Failure to factor in huge regional variations in property costs when incentivising homeowners and landlords to meet national net zero targets risks deepening economic inequality.

Impact of short term lets.jpg
31 Jan 2020
The impact of short-term lets

Nearly half a million properties could be left unavailable for residents looking to rent in the private rented sector. More landlords are exiting the market and moving into short-term lets due to the raft of legislative changes they have to face.

Private rented sector costs, property maintenance and rent controls.jpg
15 Nov 2019
Private rented sector costs: property maintenance and rent controls

We consulted with our member letting agents across the UK to better understand both the costs associated with maintaining private rented properties and the impacts of introducing rent controls.

Letting the market down.jpg
28 Mar 2017
Letting the market down?

As part of our tenant fees campaign, we commissioned leading consultancy Capital Economics to look the impact of the letting agent fees ban on landlords, letting agents, households, the buy-to-let sector and the wider economy.

NAEA Propertymark Bricks campaign
25 Aug 2016
Bricks Campaign

We commissioned Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) to investigate the shortage of brick supply which has been a contributing factor in rising house prices over the past decade. This report goes into detail as growing demand continues to outstrip the availability of housing.

Brexit and the property market
15 Apr 2016
Brexit and the Property Market

Before the EU referendum vote on 23 June 2016, we commissioned Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) to look at what a ‘Brexit’ or a ‘Bremain’ result would have on the UK property market.

Housing 2025 report
17 Dec 2015
Housing 2025

Rents are set to sky-rocket, and buying a house is getting further out of reach for many, according this report published in 2015 predicting the state of the property market in 2025.

ARLA PRopertymark Cost of Renting research
17 Nov 2015
Cost of Renting

A first-time buyer will have spent £52,900 on rent by the time they get on the property ladder. This report looks into the lifetime cost of renting and what the future may hold for future first-time buyers who are currently renting.

Monthly member survey
Housing Insight Report, May 2024.jpg
02 Jul 2024

Housing Insight Report: May 2024

While both sectors remain resilient, there is much that the next government can do to support buyers, renters such as improving the home buying/renting process and professionalisation of the sector via the regulation of agents. More broadly there is a need for a review of property taxes to make changes which stimulate supply and demand.

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