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30 Nov 2023
Ambitious proposals to switch a nation to clean heating

Fossil fuel systems will be replaced by 2045 and new minimum energy efficiency standards will be set for homes of all tenures, according to plans which have been put out for consultation by the Scottish Government.

Welsh Assembly, Cardiff.jpg
28 Nov 2023
Propertymark Welsh Budget representation

Focusing on the key housing sector themes, Propertymark is calling for prioritisation of work with the PRS on homelessness, investment in reliable data collection, and a boost in support for decarbonisation.

03 Nov 2023
Property logbooks would be the best solution to EPC reform

Propertymark has responded supportively to the Scottish Government’s consultation on changes to Energy Performance Certificates whilst adding recommendations on assistance for the property sector to move towards net zero and a call for adequate time to implement any changes.

Smart Meter.jpg
30 Oct 2023
Propertymark supports smart meter awareness week 2023

The annual campaign runs from 30 October to 5 November and is designed to give domestic and commercial renters, landlords and letting agents a better understanding of the benefits of the technology, and encourage more people to have them installed. Smart meters are a part of UK Government plans for a smart energy system that will support carbon emissions cuts.

FS, Spray foam.jpg
25 Oct 2023
Fact sheet: Spray foam installation

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), commonly referred to as spray foam, is a liquid material used to insulate homes. An alternative to traditional building insulation, it's especially advantageous for improving energy efficiency through insulating difficult and tight spaces. However, consumers should carefully consider the impact it can have on valuations, lenders decisions and surveys.

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23 Oct 2023
Propertymark issues representation ahead of Autumn Budget

With a General Election on the horizon, the UK Government has an opportunity to support landlords, tenants, and property agents with the impact of the cost of living through welfare reform, bring down energy bills by improving the energy efficiency of homes and reducing the tax burden on landlords and investors to tackle the demand the crisis in the private rented sector.

Helpline FAQ, Listed building.jpg
28 Sep 2023
EPC requirements for Grade II listed properties

If you're letting a Grade II listed property in the UK, you may be wondering what Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) requirements apply.

20 Sep 2023
Energy efficiency deadlines scrapped for landlords and homeowners

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that no legislation will be introduced requiring property owners to make energy efficiency improvements, but extra money will be available to those who want to replace their gas boiler with a heat pump.

Agent showing a tenant the boiler
04 Sep 2023
Heat pump rollout to get a boost with better access and simpler process

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) has set out new proposals intended to make it cheaper and easier for homeowners and small businesses to install heat pumps and benefit from low-cost, low-carbon heating.

Money lightbulb.jpg
21 Aug 2023
Help for small businesses to reduce energy bills

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) has launched a UK Business Climate Hub which offers advice and support on paying less for electronic vehicle charging, getting a low-carbon heat pump, as well as options to generate green energy and sell it back to the grid to make money.

Green home model house.jpg
18 Aug 2023
Strategy to make low carbon heat the norm by 2050

The Welsh Government has launched a consultation on their comprehensive Heat Strategy for Wales, which maps out the path to net zero heat across all sectors, saying the degree to which consumers engage and accept new technologies will underpin the speed and scale of the Welsh net zero transition.

Environment Friendly.jpg
17 Aug 2023
Financial incentives and clarity on targets needed to improve energy efficiency

Financial implications, practicality, consequences, and communication surrounding energy efficiency measures are key concerns cited in Propertymark’s latest report which provides recommendations to help homeowners, landlords, and tenants save money, create new jobs and fight climate change.

Energy efficiency in UK property.jpg
17 Aug 2023
Energy efficiency in UK property: Where to go from here?

Starting with a review of the influence of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) on the decisions of homebuyers, property investors, and tenants, this report reveals that while there is some consumer interest in EPCs, the level of importance varies across different sectors.

15 Aug 2023
Tax incentives can power up energy efficiency standards

Propertymark has added their voice to a group of financial, commercial and housing sector partners in a letter to the Chancellor to encourage new fiscal support in the form of a simple tax restructure to allow energy performance improvements to be offset against rental income to help make investment more attractive for landlords.

Green home model house.jpg
09 Aug 2023
The future for energy efficiency in Building Regulations

The Northern Ireland Executive's Energy Strategy – Path to Net Zero Energy, published at the end of 2021, includes a vision to ensure new buildings are designed and constructed to net zero ready standards no later than 2027 and they are seeking help to inform subsequent uplifts.

Energy Efficiency.jpg
09 Aug 2023
Full EPC reform in Scotland

A consultation setting out proposals to reform domestic and non-domestic energy performance certificates has been opened by the Scottish Government because they think the metrics and ratings EPCs currently use are not appropriate to drive improvements and meet legally binding targets to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

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