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Propertymark Inspire is exclusively for Principals, Partners and Directors (PPDs) who are members of NAEA Propertymark or ARLA Propertymark.

You will be challenged to look at and improve your business in a different way. The shared experience and growth of the group yields dramatic short, medium and longer term benefits for everyone involved. Individual assessment and group contributions are an important part of the process, the aim is to reflect, learn, share and improve.

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Highly regarded experts in specific fields will equip you on key aspects of the industry and you'll receive one-to-one mentoring from an experienced industry consultant.

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Regular meetings and group conference calls with like minded delegates looking to expand their businesses will provide opportunities to tackle issues and pre-plan for industry changes.


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Focused agendas provide front-end tangible contributions to everyone's company.

I got involved with Inspire to help develop my business and broaden my horizons and invested myself in it, and I’ve taken a lot away from the course. It’s been personally very enriching, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely - it’s given me a lot of implementable benefits to my business, all round very successful.

Duncan Pate.jpg
Duncan Pate Castles
It's been great to meet like-minded people, in fact, it’s been really good to get in a room with other independent estate agents in a non-competing environment. So, we can share business practice and ideas. I think we’ve found we’ve all been able to take something away from it. It’s got to the point now as we get to the end of the four sessions that there’s an element of camaraderie and hopefully, we can take that onto the future.
James Roy.jpg
James Roys David James Estate Agents
I found it very, very beneficial, it’s great meeting up with other business owners, learning and chatting about problems we’ve had and learning things as we’ve also had speakers in the mornings, which have been invaluable and today we’ve had a leadership speaker, so for me it’s been very beneficial and I highly recommend it.
Simon Bentley.jpg
Simon Bentley Mundys
I have a single office agency in Horsham and it’s been an interesting journey to come along to this as it’s always a case of trying to improve ourselves and look for things that are going to challenge us, because I suppose in a single office business, you tend to, or can be quite insular, about what happens and it’s better, I think, to look at new ideas that you can easily implement in your business.
Peter Maskell.jpg
Peter Maskell Brock Taylor

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