Member representation: Consultation responses and position papers

One of the ways we represent our members is by responding to public consultations organised by the government or parliamentary committees. In these responses, we convey our members' perspectives on how proposed legislation or existing policies affect the property industry.

Our policy papers provide a detailed examination of the key issues impacting property agents, presenting our recommendations to policymakers and stakeholders through thorough research, industry insights, and expert analysis.

By representing our members in these ways, we not only ensure that their voices are heard but also facilitate constructive dialogue and collaboration aimed at shaping the property landscape.

Feel free to contact our policy team at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding these responses or policy papers.

Our latest feature
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10 Jun 2024

A Dickensian legal process

Propertymark's monthly Housing Insight Report has identified a significant deterioration in the number of transactions progressing from offer acceptance to exchange of contracts within 12 weeks. In the first of our research spotlight series, this report looks into the reasons why the time taken to exchange contracts is elongating.

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21 Jun 2024
Rent Smart Wales has more potential to elevate standards

In response to the Welsh Government’s call for evidence, Propertymark has shared members’ views on the impact of the legislation on their operations and business practices. We recognise that Rent Smart Wales (RSW) has achieved some progress in regulating and improving the private rental sector (PRS) and have made specific recommendations for how the Senedd can build on this going forward.

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15 May 2024
Axing multiple dwelling relief risks cuts to housing supply

Propertymark has called on the Welsh Government to think differently from the UK Government and keep Land Transaction Tax (LTT) relief for multiple dwellings as well as maintaining the 6-dwelling rule. Now that the relief is not available in England, the Welsh private rented sector (PRS) could appear more attractive to investors and Ministers should consider other policy approaches to encourage this.

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15 May 2024
Simpler access to tax discounts for low-income households

The Welsh Government is consulting on ways to improve its Council Tax Reduction (CTR) scheme after its 2022-23 report revealed relatively low take-up from households that would potentially be entitled to support. The proposals include linking Universal Credit and the CTR scheme to allow proactive identification of eligible residents.

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09 May 2024
Committee explores chief obstacles to stress-free home buying and selling

The cross-party Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Committee (LUHCC), chaired by Clive Betts, MP, is gathering evidence on the stumbling blocks to improvements, and has highlighted a lack of transparency around conveyancing services, ‘referral fees’, and the regulation of estate agents as key areas of focus. Propertymark has submitted written evidence to the LUHCC and our Head of Policy and Campaigns, Timothy Douglas, spoke to the Committee in person on 13 May 2024.

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16 Apr 2024
Loopholes in Rent-to-Rent must be closed to avoid abuse

Trading Standards is examining the impact of Rent-to-Rent and Guaranteed Rent (R2R) schemes on the private rented sector (PRS) in England, with the aim of identifying and evidencing areas of good practice, and issues of relevant non-compliance or emerging concerns. Propertymark was invited to provide input to an exploratory consultation as an interested party.

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16 Apr 2024
Stormont has the chance to address critical housing issues with policy refresh

The Department for Communities (DfC) is refreshing it's proposals for reform of the Private Rented Sector (PRS) which were first published in 2017. In response to their stakeholder survey, Propertymark has urged the DfC to prioritise increasing housing supply, regulating property agents, and taking a carefully considered approach to energy efficiency targets.

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10 Apr 2024
PRS tenants must not be left behind as social sector raises standards

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities intends to boost standards in social housing by requiring senior managers and executives to have, or be working towards, a relevant qualification. Propertymark has strongly challenged the decision not to extend this requirement to all property agents in the UK, and questioned why private tenants should not expect the same protections as those in the social sector.

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08 Apr 2024
The future of home buying and selling

Propertymark’s position paper comes off the back of the renewed efforts to improve the home buying and selling process. In this paper, we have presented the agents’ perspective to ensure that future regulations reflect the evidence our members are seeing on the ground and that future actions respond to the largest challenges affecting the process.

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08 Apr 2024
Agents need land revenue services to be accessible and affordable

HM Land Revenue (HMLR) provides vital information for agents listing properties to let and sell and completing the sales process. Quick, cost-effective access to these services is more important than ever as the industry adjusts to the latest material information guidance.

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08 Apr 2024
Brownfield planning policy must promote quality homes

Propertymark is encouraging the UK Government to explore all viable methods of increasing the delivery of homes, however, the approach must not lose sight of the importance of creating decent homes that people want to buy in the places they want to live. In our consultation response to the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) we suggest improvements to their proposals that will help avoid unintended consequences.

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28 Mar 2024
Propertymark has authoritative voice on UK money-laundering risk

Every two years, the European Commission assesses the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing affecting both the EU internal market and cross-border activities. As a member of CEPI, the European Association of Real Estate Professionals, we work with them to provide the perspective of the UK market.

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26 Mar 2024
Homeowners to have more time to claim back tax payments

Propertymark supports Welsh Government proposals to extend the time allowed to apply for refunds and exemptions to land transaction tax (LTT) higher residential rates for taxpayers affected by fire safety defects or emergency restrictions but calls for the Covid-19 restrictions to be included.

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