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23 Sep 2021
Demand from tenants continues to rise as rental stocks fall

PRS REPORT: Number of new prospective tenants was highest figure on record at an average of 107 per branch, while the number of properties managed per branch fell to 196 during August.

14 Sep 2021
Private Tenancies Bill progresses in Northern Ireland

The second reading of the Private Tenancies Bill took place on 13 September 2021, which was introduced to deliver more protections for private renters.

16 Jul 2021
Welsh Government opens Tenancy Hardship Grant applications

The announcement by the Minister of Climate Change Julie James MS, who also has a responsibility over housing, also marks the closure of the Tenancy Saver Loan scheme.

22 Jun 2021
Renting Homes (Wales) Act: Model written statements of occupation contracts

We have urged consistency across tenancy agreements and suggested the introduction of a checklist to support landlords and agents to comply with the new rules.

16 Jun 2021
Additional costs and risks must be part of debate on renting with pets

Members of the House of Lords quizzed the UK Government yesterday on what it is doing to encourage landlords to be more pet friendly. The question was tabled by Lord Black who said that one million households that would like to have a cat cannot do so because they live in a rental property.

01 Jun 2021
New Assured Tenancy and Secure Tenancy section forms must now be used

The UK Government has issued new Secure tenancy and Assured tenancy forms to reflect the changes to notice periods in England from 1 June. From today, notice periods in England that are currently six months, will now be reduced to four months. 

23 Apr 2021
Survey claims over half of landlords back pets in rented property

A landlord survey by Direct Line suggests that nearly half welcome the UK Government’s new Model Tenancy Agreement, which enables tenants with ‘well-behaved pets’ to secure a tenancy more easily.

11 Mar 2021
Renting with pets key questions answered

Issues around the current rules when renting with pets have caused some confusion for agents. Propertymark provides some relevant information to help answer those key questions.

09 Dec 2020
Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill

We responded to the Local Government and Communities Committee consultation on the Fair Rents Bill stressing disapproval of the policy's propositions. The Bill aims to cap rent rises on private residential properties in Scotland.

03 Oct 2020
Private Residential Tenancy (PRT)

The Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) has been in place for all new tenancies granted in Scotland since December 2017. It replaced the previously used Short Assured Tenancy agreement.

10 Sep 2020
Northern Ireland’s extended notice to quit periods now in force

The Northern Ireland Assembly has now passed the Private Tenancies (Coronavirus Modifications) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2020 which extends the changes to the notice to quit periods to 31 March 2021.

07 Sep 2020
Further changes to the notice periods during the Coronavirus period

The Scottish Government has introduced regulations that change the length of notice periods landlords must provide tenants when using certain grounds for possession whilst the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 is in force.

01 May 2020
Assured shorthold tenancy agreements (ASTs)

Our ASTs are compliant with the Tenant Fees Act and Renting Homes (Fees etc.) (Wales) Act. Download the agreements or check out Letflo's Tenancy Builder tool here.

22 Nov 2019
Manchester City Council: Private Rented Sector Consultation

Manchester City Council consulted with agents, landlords and tenants to inform an updated private rented sector strategy for the city. The consultation ran throughout November 2019 seeking to engage stakeholders through an online survey and local drop-in sessions across Manchester.

17 Oct 2019
Appeal against private residential tenancy dismissed

A tenant in Scotland who claimed that she and her landlords were subject to a private residential tenancy (PRT) in a house of multiple occupancy has had her appeal dismissed.

13 Sep 2019
A new deal for renting consultation

We submitted a comprehensive 39-page document in response to the Government’s consultation on planned changes to the eviction process in England.

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