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08 May 2024
Further Regulations confirmed under the Private Tenancies Act

Following the enactment of Sections 1-6 of the Private Tenancies Act (Northern Ireland) 2022 on 1 April 2023, the Department for Communities has outlined that two further phases, Sections 8 and 10, will come into force by the end of 2024.

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25 Apr 2024
Renters Reform moves to Lords as sector calls for certainty

The long-delayed Bill included over 200 amendments as it returned to the House of Commons for its Report Stage and Third Reading on 24 April 2024. Having been voted through by MPs it will now move to the Upper House, with Housing Secretary Michael Gove MP controversially stating that it’s up to the House of Lords to decide how quickly the Bill can become law.

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19 Apr 2024
Renters Reform returning to Parliament in a storm of criticism

The Leader of the House of Commons has confirmed the remaining stages of the Renters (Reform) Bill will take place on Wednesday 24 April 2024 with some key changes to the Bill brought forward. Whilst the UK Government has listened and reacted to some industry concerns, another chance has been wasted to effectively regulate property agents.

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28 Mar 2024
Propertymark campaign results evident in Renters (Reform) Bill amendments

We have had direct correspondence from senior officials at the Department of Levelling Up, Housing & Communities (DLUHC) regarding amends to be tabled on the Renters (Reform) Bill, including communication between Housing Minister Jacob Young, MP, and Conservative MPs outlining further improvements that address some of the key concerns of letting agents and strike a fairer balance of security for both landlords and tenants.

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15 Mar 2024
Propertymark outlines the importance of protecting fixed-term tenancies

During a meeting with Housing Minister, Jacob Young MP, who has responsibility for the Renters (Reform) Bill, our CEO and Head of Policy and Campaigns outlined why the retaining of fixed-term tenancies will provide security for tenants and increase flexibility in the private rented sector.

04 Dec 2023
Renters Reform must balance interests of tenants and landlords

Propertymark has submitted written evidence to the Public Bill Committee on the Renters (Reform) Bill, citing data demonstrating the level of concern amongst our members about measures likely to make the PRS increasingly hostile to property owners and the unintended consequences for people in need of homes.

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22 Nov 2023
Service Occupancy Agreement

The main characteristics of a service occupancy are that the occupation of the property is closely linked to the occupier’s employment, they have a personal licence to occupy for so long as they are employed by the employer and that the service occupancy terminates automatically when the employment contract ends.

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28 Sep 2023
How to serve a Section 13 notice of rent increase

Section 13 of the Housing Act 1988 allows a landlord to raise the rent on a periodic assured or assured shorthold tenancy by giving the tenant a notice of increase in the prescribed form.

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06 Sep 2023
Death of a tenant

Dealing with these situations can be difficult and sensitive, especially if you are aware the tenant’s passing before relatives are informed. We've outlined steps you can take to bring the tenancy to an end.

Helpline FAQ, Landlord passes away.jpg
06 Sep 2023
Death of a landlord

When a landlord passes away, it can have various implications for the tenancy. The specific effects will depend on factors such as the type of tenancy, regional laws, and the actions taken by the landlord's estate or legal representatives.

Helpline FAQ, Insurance claim.jpg
06 Sep 2023
Can a landlord charge an insurance claim excess back to the tenant?

The ability of a landlord to charge an insurance claim excess back to the tenant can depend on various factors, including the terms of the tenancy agreement, regional laws, and the circumstances surrounding the insurance claim. 

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06 Sep 2023
Tenant imprisonment

The ability of one tenant to remain in occupation when another tenant is imprisoned can depend on several factors, including the specific terms of the tenancy agreement and the relationship between the tenants.

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06 Sep 2023
Company tenancies vs assured shorthold tenancies

Company tenancies and assured shorthold tenancies (ASTs) differ in several key aspects. Find out what the primary differences are using our comparison guide.

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06 Sep 2023
How to end an assured shorthold tenancy early

Ending an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) early other than at the expiry of the tenancy period or the service of notice, typically involves a mutual agreement between the tenant and the landlord. However, there are a few options to consider if both parties cannot reach an agreement.

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01 Aug 2023
Don't deter temporary accommodation providers

Propertymark has supported the Welsh Government’s proposals to exempt hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation used for local authority homelessness purposes from occupational contracts as part of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016.

FAQ, Private Tenancies Act (Northern Ireland) 2022.jpg
03 Jul 2023
FAQs: Private Tenancies Act (Northern Ireland) 2022

Sections 1-6 of the Private Tenancies Act (Northern Ireland) 2022 were enacted on 1 April 2023. This FAQ document provides answers to the most common questions that we have received from Propertymark members.

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