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Mother and son viewing bedroom
10 Apr 2024
PRS tenants must not be left behind as social sector raises standards

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities intends to boost standards in social housing by requiring senior managers and executives to have, or be working towards, a relevant qualification. Propertymark has strongly challenged the decision not to extend this requirement to all property agents in the UK, and questioned why private tenants should not expect the same protections as those in the social sector.

Land registry .jpg
08 Apr 2024
Agents need land revenue services to be accessible and affordable

HM Land Revenue (HMLR) provides vital information for agents listing properties to let and sell and completing the sales process. Quick, cost-effective access to these services is more important than ever as the industry adjusts to the latest material information guidance.

Cranes apartment construction.jpg
08 Apr 2024
Brownfield planning policy must promote quality homes

Propertymark is encouraging the UK Government to explore all viable methods of increasing the delivery of homes, however, the approach must not lose sight of the importance of creating decent homes that people want to buy in the places they want to live. In our consultation response to the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) we suggest improvements to their proposals that will help avoid unintended consequences.

Credit card laptop.jpg
28 Mar 2024
Propertymark has authoritative voice on UK money-laundering risk

Every two years, the European Commission assesses the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing affecting both the EU internal market and cross-border activities. As a member of CEPI, the European Association of Real Estate Professionals, we work with them to provide the perspective of the UK market.

The word tax spelled out on wooden toy blocks
26 Mar 2024
Homeowners to have more time to claim back tax payments

Propertymark supports Welsh Government proposals to extend the time allowed to apply for refunds and exemptions to land transaction tax (LTT) higher residential rates for taxpayers affected by fire safety defects or emergency restrictions but calls for the Covid-19 restrictions to be included.

Energy efficiency.png
20 Mar 2024
New homes to boost progress to net zero

The UK Government’s detailed proposals for the 2025 Future Homes and Buildings Standards will amend existing legislation to set new minimum energy efficiency requirements for buildings in England. Most changes will apply to new homes and non-domestic buildings and should ensure no further work will be needed for new buildings to produce zero carbon emissions as the electricity grid decarbonises.

Edinburgh landscape
13 Mar 2024
Pathway to clean heat in buildings charted

The Scottish Government has set out proposals for how homeowners and landlords can meet energy efficiency targets and reconfirmed its intention to ban polluting heating systems from 2045. Whilst Propertymark welcomes the ambition, we believe enhancements are needed to make the plans achievable.

Eviction notice.jpg
11 Mar 2024
Tougher powers to address anti-social behaviour should extend to PRS

Proposed changes to legislation in Northern Ireland would expand the definition of anti-social behaviour to include provisions around housing, putting it on a par with other parts of the UK. However, absolute grounds for possession are limited to the social rented sector, and the measures will not avoid the remaining difficulties with evicting troublesome tenants that are still seen in England and Wales.

Manchester skyline.jpg
07 Mar 2024
Agent membership could supercharge Good Landlord Charter

A proposed voluntary scheme from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) invites landlords from the private and social sectors to commit to standards which go beyond the minimum required by law and aims to help tenants recognise and identify a good landlord. Whilst Propertymark welcomes these aims, we believe the scheme would be strengthened if agents were also considered for membership.

Scaffolding on apartments.jpg
21 Feb 2024
Fairness is vital for success of Building Safety Levy

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) carried out a first consultation on the implementation of the levy which closed on 7 February 2023. The current technical consultation concentrates on the methodology for levy calculation, the collection process, disputes and appeals and further exemptions.

Aerial view of Wimbledon South London.jpg
09 Feb 2024
Clear land ownership details to reduce economic crime

The UK Government wants to improve the transparency of land ownership involving trusts, which will prevent unnecessary barriers to the sales process. Propertymark generally supports these efforts that will ensure agents can effectively help money laundering and economic crime in the UK property market. Agents, however, must be included in the list of professionals who can access the enhanced ownership details.

Street with ivy.jpg
31 Jan 2024
Street vote scheme may not be the best way to engage residents in planning

Propertymark has strong reservations about the wisdom of proposals for street vote development orders (SVDOs), which will give residents the ability to propose new developments on their streets and vote on whether planning permission should be granted. We are not convinced that the benefits outweigh the additional burden on local planning authorities, who are already under significant pressure.

Children's letter blocks spelling out the word rent with hand holding a house block
26 Jan 2024
Expiry of emergency measures will not end complexity

Proposals have been laid in the Scottish Parliament for the transition away from the rent cap and eviction moratorium under the Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) (Scotland) Act 2022, which ends on 31 March 2024. We acknowledge that provisions to prevent rents rising to a level that will cause hardship to some tenants are justified, however, the Scottish Government must provide more detail about how the transition measures will be applied.

red briefcase.jpg
25 Jan 2024
Propertymark 2024 Spring Budget representation

Our pro-growth solution to tackle challenges the housing sector is experiencing has been sent to HM Treasury which focuses on increasing supply in the private rented sector, will boost home ownership, and generate momentum in the wider property market.

High rise smoke.jpg
23 Jan 2024
Owners must take more accountability for building safety

Propertymark welcomes clarification that the Scottish Government intends to apply and enforce the Building (Scotland) Act 2003 and fully support measures that will improve safety in high-rise buildings. However, we are concerned that the current proposals for a time limit on enforcement may leave some buildings less safe for residents.

Low rise apartment block by canal.jpg
22 Jan 2024
Solving leasehold injustice could have bigger benefits

The UK Government should take advantage of the momentum in leasehold reform to stamp out ground rents, invigorate property sales, and promote professional management of leasehold property by qualified and regulated agents.

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