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Auction Barometer Q1 2024.jpg
18 Jun 2024
Auctions Barometer: Q1 2024

2024 has started well. In the Residential and Commercial property sectors there seems to be a return of confidence, probably helped by the hold in interest rates. Catalogue numbers remain strong and registered bidder levels are also high. Our Fine Art & Chattels members report that 2024 has started buoyantly with plenty of bidders keen to get out of the blocks and acquire lots at all price levels and across all fields of collecting and furnishing.

Commercial Outlook, Q4 2023.jpg
19 Apr 2024
Commercial Outlook Q4 2023

It is clear from member sentiment, that economic uncertainty, and interest rates in particular, are continuing to weigh on the commercial property market. Supply and demand imbalances continue in key sectors, suggesting that there will be a challenging start to 2024.

Auctions Barometer, Q4 2023.jpg
08 Apr 2024
Auctions Barometer: Q4 2023

For the last quarter of 2023 in the property auction sector, catalogue numbers continued to grow substantially, although high numbers of properties continue to be withdrawn before auction. In the commercial auction sector sales and instructions are experiencing a notable surge propelled by corporate insolvencies spanning various sectors. In the goods, chattels, and fine art sector there continues to be a plentiful supply of buyers to create competitive open market bidding in all sectors.

Housing Insight Report, February 2024.jpg
03 Apr 2024
Housing Insight Report: February 2024

In the residential sales sector, demand has temporarily slowed following the January post-Christmas bounce. Rents continue to fluctuate by location and property type, although there are some signs of stabilisation. As we progress into March and beyond, the re-establishment of seasonal trends should result in positive progress in both the sales and lettings sectors.

20 Mar 2024
Reforming the PRS: landlord views of the Renters (Reform) Bill

In this report, we share insights into the Renters (Reform) Bill from the perspective of landlords, which was obtained via Propertymark letting agent members' landlords. If the Bill is implemented, landlords whose properties are managed by Propertymark member agents will receive professional support to assist with implementation and compliance. However, it remains to be seen if the UK Government plan to provide further guidance, and whether it is sufficient to support self-managing landlords.

Housing Insight Report, January 2024.jpg
28 Feb 2024
Housing Insight Report: January 2024

The new year has arrived and those who had delayed moving at the end of last year have returned to the market on mass. However, there has been little change in the economic environment that households must contend with. Interest rates are stable but are higher than those seeking mortgages or re-mortgages would prefer and inflation remains some way off UK Government targets.

Housing Insight Report, December 2023.jpg
25 Jan 2024
Housing Insight Report: December 2023

December marks the end of an interesting and challenging year within the property market. In the wider economy interest rates have stabilised, however, inflationary concerns remain, and GDP growth has been anaemic. In response to these and other factors, house prices have fallen in some areas. In the PRS, tinkering by the UK and devolved governments and continued strong demand has caused rents to rise.

Reforming the PRS, letting agent views of the Renters (Reform) Bill.jpg
24 Jan 2024
Reforming the PRS: letting agent views of the Renters (Reform) Bill

In this report, we share insights into the Renters (Reform) Bill from the perspective of letting agents, a key force for change within the sector. The research, conducted with a geographically representative sample of Propertymark letting agent members, provides valuable evidence, which policy makers can use to help shape the Bill in its final stages and thereafter inform its implementation.

Auctions Barometer, Q3 2023.jpg
11 Jan 2024
Auctions Barometer: Q3 2023

Despite inflation moving in the right direction, economic uncertainty continues to affect auction markets and beyond with many members expressing concerns. In the property auction sector, catalogue numbers have continued to grow substantially, although high numbers of properties continue to be withdrawn prior to auction. In the commercial auction sector sales and instructions are experiencing a notable surge propelled by corporate insolvencies spanning various sectors.

Housing Insight Report, November 2023.jpg
29 Dec 2023
Housing Insight Report: November 2023

Economic uncertainty continues to pervade the UK economy and housing markets. In the residential sales sector, seasonal trends are undoubtedly weighing on market performance. In the lettings sector, supply and demand remain relatively static, but imbalanced with the equivalent of nine new applicants registered for each available property.

Housing Insight Report, October 2023.jpg
01 Dec 2023
Housing Insight Report: October 2023

The Autumn statement had an upbeat feel and yielded some positive news for the housing industry. However, this is no time to celebrate while the cost-of-living crisis continues to limp on. In the letting sector, the number of new prospective tenants registered per member branch has decreased month on month since July 2023.

Commercial Outlook, Q3 2023.jpg
27 Nov 2023
Commercial Outlook Q3 2023

The base rate was held in September, GDP is growing slowly, the construction materials price index is decreasing, and Propertymark Commercial agent sentiment is increasing in several key areas. However, economic uncertainty remains and improvements in sentiment are generally from a low base.

Housing Insight Report, September 2023.jpg
24 Oct 2023
Housing Insight Report: September 2023

There has been a slight reduction in available properties for sale and this reflects ongoing market uncertainty. More concerningly, the vast majority of properties continue to sell below asking price pointing to a pricing correction despite average house prices continuing to rise. Governments across the UK continue to tinker with legislation and legislative programs, disincentivising landlords along the way. Supply in the PRS remains tight with far more applicant registrations than properties available.

Housing Insight Report, August 2023.jpg
25 Sep 2023
Housing Insight Report: August 2023

There has been little urgency from governments across the UK to address the supply and demand issue by incentivising investment for landlords. The sales market is strong as we see a 29% rise in the number of new properties for sale when compared with last month.

Housing Insight Report, July 2023.jpg
18 Aug 2023
Housing Insight Report: July 2023

As the number of viewings and valuations drop, this report indicates a shift to only the more serious homebuyers and sellers remaining proactive in the sales market. In the lettings market, we continue to see an alarming disparity in the number of homes available to rent when compared with growing demand from prospective tenants.

Environment Friendly.jpg
17 Aug 2023
Financial incentives and clarity on targets needed to improve energy efficiency

Financial implications, practicality, consequences, and communication surrounding energy efficiency measures are key concerns cited in Propertymark’s latest report which provides recommendations to help homeowners, landlords, and tenants save money, create new jobs and fight climate change.

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