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04 Apr 2024
Dos and Don’ts of Deposit Protection

Lettings agents must protect the interests of landlords, tenants, and their agencies, so understanding the basics of deposit protection is key and knowing the do’s and don’ts will help minimise disputes and reduce the risk of costly penalties.

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28 Mar 2024
Top five reasons to outsource client accounting

Being a letting agent or an estate agent with a letting portfolio demands juggling numerous responsibilities, from property management and tenant relations to day-to-day operations, plus the perpetual quest for new business. However, amidst these demands, being on top of client accounting is paramount.

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23 Feb 2024
Damp and mould remain a major issue for the housing sector

The UK Government is currently consulting on the implementation of Awaab’s Law, which was passed in response to the tragic death of two-year-old Awaab Ishak in December 2020 from exposure to serious mould in his parents’ social rented home.

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15 Nov 2023
Maintaining fit properties through the winter months

A rental property is provided as a home for tenants and must be fit for human habitation (FFHH) throughout the tenancy. As the weather changes, it’s vital for agents to stay on top of property maintenance and make sure issues are put right for their tenants as soon as possible.

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09 Nov 2023
Student insurance to protect everyone

Insurance broker and risk management partner Gallagher has launched Student Assist to provide coverage against damage to properties and students with personal belongings insurance.

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05 Oct 2023
Propertymark and PayProp are cutting compliance costs for members

The unique partnership has seen client account health checks and accountants' reports waived for letting agent members who use PayProp’s client accounting platform.

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27 Sep 2023
How to use proptech for inventory reporting like a pro

Proptech offers many valuable benefits to property managers who are prepared to evolve their own habits too. Tech tools aren’t designed to replace the human element, but they can help agents be more efficient, compliant and effective in what they do. It’s important to remember its success is down to a team effort – even the very best proptech still relies on the expertise of inventory clerks, letting agents and landlords to make it work optimally.

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25 Sep 2023
The importance of rent guarantee in the current climate

As inflation continues to be high, some people's financial situations have become increasingly challenging, and the squeeze on the cost of living could leave tenants struggling to pay, however, rent guarantee insurance can help to protect rental income if tenant defaults on rent.

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06 Sep 2023
Deciphering the difference between fair wear and tear and tenant damage

Letting agents and landlords will be familiar with this phrase, however grasping the meaning and recognising the limits of this term can often be a disputed topic, particularly when making a deposit deduction.

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04 Sep 2023
How auctioneers and estate agents are collaborating to bring better results

There was a time when estate agents and auctioneers worked independently even though the aim was the same: to achieve the right price for a property and have a long list of satisfied buyers and sellers, however, the industry is now seeing a growing relationship develop with favourable outcomes.

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24 Jul 2023
Compliance basics should not be ignored

The introduction of the Renter's (Reform) Bill resulted a lot of media coverage, with agents and landlords voicing valid concerns about the potential impact of future legislation on their businesses. However, it is important to note that the Bill has not yet become law and is still undergoing scrutiny and possible amendments.

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03 Jul 2023
Revolutionary technology to coordinate property visits

Following a year of research and development, working collaboratively with Leaders Romans Group (LRG), Inventory Hive has created a new diary-management/maps feature that will be a game changer for coordinating property inspections and visits.

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16 Jun 2023
Proptech can simplify block maintenance reporting for residents and site inspectors

Managing numerous residents, in some cases thousands, all in one building is a highly responsible job and agents need a thorough and robust system to make sure nothing slips through the net.

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12 Jun 2023
Important insurance cover for property agents

Every agency will know the risks they face each day as a business can be wide-ranging and often complex, and how to decide what to cover and what levels are sufficient to provide adequate protection can be complex.

31 May 2023
Embrace efficiency by automating planned preventative maintenance

With a lot of talk about chat-GPT and concerns about process automation, property managers might feel defensive about changes to their jobs and the potential impact of advancing technologies. However, Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is a prime example of work that should be automated, as it often involves repetitive tasks that consume valuable time.

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16 May 2023
Auctioneer shares tips for selling a tenanted property

As the property market continues to experience changes and challenges, landlords are feeling the strain more than most, and with more EPC rating changes looming plus the continuing pressures around the cost of borrowing, it’s no wonder many feel worried about the future and even consider leaving the sector entirely.

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