Homebox: Utility bills management for agents and tenants

Homebox is a free to use, software service which was created with one simple goal - to simplify the process of setting up utilities during a change of tenancy

We now proudly work with over 1,000 letting agent branches across the UK, offering them a range of tech-driven solutions that saves substantial time and generates significant income when it comes to utilities.

Utility notifications 
Our system knows in real time who the suppliers are at each property our agents submit.

Home setup for renters
Tenants are guided by our team through the setup of their utilities and everything is bundle into easy monthly payment for them.

Void Management
Each time a void period is added to our system, we switch the energy onto our supplier and ensure accurate bills are generated for all utilities before sending the copy over to the agent.

Listing any home with bills included
Homebox have partnered with Zoopla to show every rental home with the cost of rent and bills combined into one amount.

Over the last seven years, Homebox has helped over 100,000 home movers through our process, resulting in less stress, less hassle and a happier renting experience.

Billing Better

Homebox demo for letting agents

Offer To Propertymark Members

Six months free use of the Homebox platform (saving £600)

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