Pattinson Auction: End-to-end property auction solutions

Leading and innovating since 1977, Pattinson Auction is an established and formidable presence in the property auction market. With an ever-expanding network of partner agents, we have expertly navigated the intricate UK property landscape, ensuring optimal results for both sellers and buyers alike.

Our large and adaptable team of property experts has played a pivotal role in earning us a reputation as a trusted industry leader, capable of thriving amidst evolving market dynamics, shifting trends and regulatory changes.

The Pattinson Auction unwavering commitment to transparency, integrity and reliability drives our mission to consistently deliver exceptional value to our clients. In 2023 we witnessed a 21% growth of our already extensive partner agent network of some 3,400 agents, and a 58% growth in properties being offered at auction across the board.

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As our award-winning prominence in the property auction market continues to thrive, our expertise has enriched an impressive portfolio spanning residential and commercial properties of all price ranges. The positive feedback from our partner agents attests to the growth and confidence they have experienced through their partnership with us here at Pattinson Auction.

Our tried and tested auction model, complemented by a comprehensive suite of marketing, tools and advisory services, consistently delivers value and results, firmly establishing us as pioneers in the UK property auction arena.

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