Every year, unprotected landlords and tenants lose money when funds are misappropriated. The best way to ensure your money is kept safe if something goes wrong is to always choose an agent who is Propertymark Protected.

Rogue letting agent Manish Manek was found guilty of 17 counts of theft involving tenants’ deposits and rent owed to landlords—he stole £47,000 before fleeing the UK. A police investigation found that Manek had been putting tenant deposits and rent into his personal account. He was finally arrested and sentenced to jail; however, his victims never saw their money returned.

Does your agent have CMP?

Always check your agent belongs to a good CMP scheme. It has been a legal requirement since April 2019 for property agents holding client money to have CMP. Use the ‘Find an Expert’ search below to see if your agent belongs to our scheme—all ‘Propertymark Protected’ agents are covered.

When it comes to making a claim, you do not have to prove fraud You only need to provide supporting evidence that you have not received the money you were legally entitled to. You will need to provide the tenancy agreement or deposit protection certificate along with bank statements.