Redress scheme logos

Redress schemes exist as impartial organisations that you can complain to if your agent hasn’t resolved your complaint—you can even be compensated in some cases.

All estate and lettings agents in the UK must belong to a Government-approved independent redress scheme by law. Look for these logos on your agent’s website, if you can’t see them you should ask which scheme they belong to or try searching for them on the redress scheme's website. If they aren't listed on either website, they may be breaking the law and should not be practising.

Tenancy deposit scheme logos

All letting agents and landlords are legally required to register tenancy deposits with one of the Government-approved tenancy deposit protection schemes.

There are different schemes depending where you are in the UK. If you can’t see one of these logos on your agent’s website, or if you don’t receive assurance that your money will be put into a protection scheme, then your agent may be breaking the law and you are at risk of losing your deposit illegally. Find out more...

Client Money Protection (CMP) scheme logos

If you’re using a letting or property management agent in England, Wales or Scotland they must be signed up to a CMP scheme by law.

Our members who are Propertymark Protected are covered by our CMP scheme as part of their membership. CMP covers you should your agent misuse your rent, deposit or other funds or goes bust. If the worst happens, you will have a route to reimbursement through a CMP scheme. Find out more...

Membership body logos

To raise their professional profile and demonstrate transparency, your letting or estate agent may join a membership body such as Propertymark.

Although not a legal requirements, being a member generally means having a property specific qualification, a professional development requirement and that they must abide by a code of conduct. If they fail to meet the professional standards set by their membership body, their membership may cease. 

Beware of rogue agents using logos fraudulently  

Just because an agent displays a logo, doesn’t necessarily mean they belong to that scheme or organisation. Rogue agents will look to use these logos fraudulently to masquerade as a legitimate agency, always check the official website of a scheme or organisation your agent says they are part of.

All Propertymark Protected agents are checked to ensure they have everything in place and are trading legally. Not only that, our members set the standards for the industry and offer higher standards than the law demands. Use our find an expert search to find a Propertymark Protected agent near you—don’t suffer through dealing with agents who are inexperienced or in some cases do not adhere to the law.

Report agents misusing the Propertymark logos

Beware of rogue agents claiming to be Propertymark members in order to mislead you into thinking that they operate to our high standards. We have addressed many instances of false membership claims but not all instances of logo misuse are intended to deliberately mislead. It can sometimes the case that:

  • An agent in membership has not advised us of a change of address or company name
  • They were once Propertymark members but due to an oversight forgot to remove our logo
  • They may have obtained a Propertymark Qualification and believe that entitles them to use the logo
  • They may be in the process of applying to join Propertymark

We will request that an agent stop using the logos immediately and if they do not co-operate, we will refer them to their local Trading Standards Authority. This can result in criminal prosecutions and fines imposed by the courts.

If you believe an agent to be making false claims of membership, please email [email protected] or call 01926 417 791.