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How much does it cost to move house?

With any property move, there are costs involved, depending on whether you’re moving from a rented or sold property or if you’re a first-time buyer. Use our guide to calculate the cost of moving house.

Depending on how much furniture and belongings you have there will be hire costs for either a removal company or hiring your own transport. Make sure you get several quotes and know the fine detail when contracting with them so that you're ready in time for moving day.

Removal Fees

This is usually the biggest cost if you choose to hire a removal company, depending on how much furniture and white goods you have. The costs will depend on how much you are planning on transporting and how far away the new property is.

Some companies will even dismantle, pack, unpack and reassemble any furniture you own too.

Vehicle Hire

As an alternative to a removal company, you can hire your own van or a large vehicle and drive your belongings to the new property yourself. Only do this if you feel comfortable driving a large vehicle and make sure your driving license allows you to drive your chosen vehicle size. There are restrictions relating to your age; you need to be 21 in order to drive a van, however, some van hire companies require you to be 25 or older to drive larger box vans. Check the age restrictions in place at your chosen van hire company.

Additional costs related to hiring a vehicle include the mileage, petrol and what day you book it for.


You may find yourself in a situation where you vacate your previous property and either have to wait to move into your new home or plan on moving in step by step, perhaps to allow a refurbishment to be completed. In this case, your furniture and belongings may have to be put in storage, rather than taking up space in the new property.

Search for suitable storage space near your new property, as you will have to consider transporting it there once you are ready for it. Choose a company that can store your belongings for the amount of time you want, as costs can increase the longer you store things; some companies will include insurance costs on your belongings in their price. If they don’t, this may be another consideration for you.


As we mention in our guide to moving home with pets, you may wish to keep your pets out of the way as you move everything in, to prevent any possible distress to them. If you cannot find a friend or relative to look after them, then you may have to pay for a pet-sitter, kennels, cattery or similar to look after them while you move in.


If you choose to have your children looked after, while you make the move, then keep babysitting and childminding costs in mind.

Postal Redirection

A new address means you will need to have all your post delivered there. The Royal Mail has a redirection service that will ensure your post will be delivered to your new address and that none will be sent to your old address, preventing you from missing any important documents. There is a small cost for this service depending on how long you use it for until you’ve had a chance to change your address. 




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