Challenging Form-Based Thinking: How Open Property Data is Taking Down Barriers to Moving Home

Change can be challenging, but innovation is essential for progress. Open data can improve the home-moving process by promoting interoperability and eliminating barriers for buyers and sellers. But what does this mean for the industry, and is it ready for change?

Data and information travelling through tunnel

In this webinar, Sian Hemming-Metcalfe, Operations Director, Inventory Base and Kieran Witt, CEO, Kotini will discuss the issues surrounding form-based thinking, explore how open data can surpass traditional methods to create a more interconnected and efficient home-moving experience, and explain why the industry must evolve to remain relevant.

Key topics include:

  • An introduction to form based thinking and its limitations

  • The power of open data in enhancing interoperability within the real estate ecosystem

  • Examples of how open data can simplify the moving process

  • Strategies for leveraging open data to reduce friction

  • How to create a seamless integration between different systems and stakeholders

Sian and Kieran will share their insights and experiences, demonstrating how open data can facilitate smoother transactions, better decision-making, and a more user-friendly home-moving journey. 

Whether you are a professional in the real estate industry, a data enthusiast, or someone interested in innovative solutions, this webinar will provide valuable knowledge on harnessing open data to overcome traditional barriers and transform the way we move home.

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Sian Hemming-Metcalfe

Operations Director, InventoryBase

Siân has been a member of the Inventory Base team for over six years, having first taken the reins as Head of Training and now as Operations Director. Her position as an ARLA Propertymark Advisory Panel Member and Open Property Data Association Executive Member—along with her unique perspective and expertise in the reporting sector—enable her to deliver training, guidance, and support to inventory professionals, property managers and agents across the industry.

Kieran Witt

CEO, Kotini

Kieran Witt is the founder and CEO of Kotini, a platform transforming the real estate industry by reducing onboarding and compliance tasks to just 60 seconds. With over a decade of experience in financial services, including pioneering the UK's first credit card for the visually impaired, Kieran is dedicated to enhancing efficiency and innovation in property transactions. As an executive member of the Open Property Data Association, he advocates for open and standardised data to improve the home buying and selling process. Kieran's leadership is driving significant advancements in the proptech sector.