Is AI the next big thing in the UK Lettings Industry?

Join Canopy as they explore the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the UK lettings industry.


Canopy are on a mission to revolutionise renting and help people grow, both financially and towards a better life. That means making things faster, easier and fairer for everyone – renters, agents and landlords alike.

Discover how AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision are revolutionising the industry. Explore real-world AI applications that are helping to enhance efficiency and personalisation, and learn how to harness AI's current capabilities and navigate challenges in implementation, while gaining foresight into upcoming trends.

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Chris Hutchinson

CEO, Canopy

Chris is passionate about building brands that have a positive impact on peoples lives, while driving traditional industries forward with innovation. As the CEO of Canopy, Chris has lead the company through significant growth, becoming the 4th largest provider of referencing services in the UK. This was driven by adopting and building technology that supports Canopy's teams, leading to best-in-market fraud prevention, turnaround times and user experiences
Giacomo Poppi

Product Lead, Canopy

Giacomo Poppi is the Product Lead at Canopy and an all-around AI enthusiast. With extensive experience in early-to-mid-stage companies, he's driven the successful launch and growth of multiple products. Since joining Canopy, Giacomo has spearheaded innovative AI projects that have transformed the company's product offerings, helping make Canopy a leader in the UK proptech industry.