Property Fraud and Scams - A Unique Insight To Criminal Tactics And Shortfalls In Due Diligence

Dive into the new tactics and technologies used by criminals to commit property fraud and scams.

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Property fraud continues to increase in diversity and complexity at an alarming rate, making it inherently difficult to expose complex modus operandi used by criminals to avoid detection.

IYE Global operates at the forefront of global crime, fraud, money laundering, and complex due diligence investigations. James Rees, Head of Communications, will discuss the need to move strongly away from compliance-based processes, taking a more ‘intelligence’ and ‘investigator-led’ approach to due diligence, augmenting old KYC/AML frameworks into a more risk-focused model.

This webinar will address:

• how inadequate due diligence is exploited, leaving property agents widely exposed to risk, regulatory scrutiny, and excessive regulatory fines

• why seemingly genuine individuals concealing fraudulent intent avoid risk detection

• how identity theft and sophisticated counterfeit documents circumvent the most vigorous of due diligence processes

• why KYC/AML tools of investigation have little impact on the scale and complexity of money laundering, or other financial and economic crimes, and do little to mitigate organisational risk


James Rees

Head of Communications, IYE Global

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