Self Resolution Strategies in Deposit Disputes

Discover the power of self-resolution in deposit disputes and explore its benefits for agents, landlords, and tenants alike.


Sandy Bastin from TDS will show how self-resolution leads to quicker deposit returns and will explore statistics and case studies that showcase its effectiveness. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock valuable insights and empower yourself in navigating deposit disputes.

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) is the only not-for-profit, Government-approved tenancy deposit protection scheme offering both FREE Custodial tenancy deposit protection and Insured tenancy deposit protection.


Sandy Bastin

Head of Adjudication Services, TDS

Sandy Bastin is a qualified solicitor with many years’ experience practising and specialising in real estate, Sandy joined TDS in 2008 and is now Head of TDS Adjudication Services. Sandy is responsible for recruiting and training TDS adjudicators, providing continued support and mentoring to include quality assurance activity to ensure the high standards expected from TDS adjudication decisions are met.

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