Unlocking the Mysterious World of GDPR

Although the General Data Protection Regulation has been with us since 2018, for many organisations it has remained a complex piece of legislation, difficult to navigate and something that always sits at a bottom of a to do list.

High volume of data and reports

This whistlestop tour will guide you through the principles of privacy legislation and provide practical, easy to follow guidance customised for Propertymark members on how they can meet their compliance obligations.

Anna Walters from Risk Evolves will look at the facts behind the headlines and provide real examples of what happens when things go wrong, and more importantly, provide hints and tips on how to avoid the situation in the first place. Finally, she will signpost to trusted resources that can be used by all members.

Propertymark's GDPR bitesize guide
16 Jul 2018
GDPR bitesize guide

GDPR applies to all UK businesses despite Brexit. To comply you need to know what data you collect from people and justify exactly why you collect it. Our bitesize guide breaks down what you need to do in four parts.


Anna Walters

Senior Consultant, Risk Evolves

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