Client Accounting for Residential Lettings

Get to grips with client money and ensure your compliance with best practice accounting procedures.

The course will provide you with practical guidance on non-resident landlords and the Finance Act 1995. It will also explain the basics of client accounting and areas of potential risk.

Course dates

Start: 13 Sep 2022 - 9:15
End: 13 Sep 2022 - 16:30
Client Accounting for Residential Lettings - Propertymark Westminster

Member Cost: £189 (+VAT)
Non-Member Cost: £260 (+VAT)

Start: 9 Nov 2022 - 9:30
End: 9 Nov 2022 - 15:30
Client Accounting for Residential Lettings - Virtual Classroom

Non-Member Cost: £195 (+VAT)
Member Cost: £140 (+VAT)

Found the course really informative. For someone who doesn't do accounts, I was still able to understand it all.

Stephanie Hilditch

Very detailed course, trainer was excellent in explaining all aspects of client accounts.

Angela Pappin-Cole

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