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16 Apr 2024
Loopholes in Rent-to-Rent must be closed to avoid abuse

Trading Standards is examining the impact of Rent-to-Rent and Guaranteed Rent (R2R) schemes on the private rented sector (PRS) in England, with the aim of identifying and evidencing areas of good practice, and issues of relevant non-compliance or emerging concerns. Propertymark was invited to provide input to an exploratory consultation as an interested party.

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27 Mar 2024
Housing (Scotland) Bill published

Introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 26 March 2024, the Bill sets out plans to make changes to the law, covering rent controls, tenants’ rights to keep pets and decorate their homes, and a mechanism to delay evictions under certain circumstances.

07 Mar 2024
Housing crisis amplified by lack of strategic direction

The lack of an evidence-based approach to the private rented sector (PRS) by the Scottish Government is impacting the effectiveness of the sector in assisting with Scotland's housing crisis, according to the findings of a Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland and Fife Council report which urges Ministers to demonstrate leadership.

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06 Feb 2024
Member voices heard at the House of Commons

Propertymark was invited to give evidence to the Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Committee (LUHCC) as part of their inquiry into the role the UK Government, local councils and developers have in ensuring the delivery of suitable housing for disabled people, and what the UK Government can do to support disabled tenants in the private rented sector.

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12 Jan 2024
Local authorities must view the PRS as a key housing provider to prevent homelessness

Propertymark has responded to the Welsh Government consultation on Ending Homelessness White Paper and welcomes the decision not to place a legal duty on private landlords to refer tenants at risk of homelessness to housing teams. We strongly urge local authorities to consider agents and landlords as part of the solution and actively develop positive relationships with them.

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04 Jan 2024
Cost of Living transition plans will continue to supress rents

Patrick Harvie, MSP, Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants' Rights, has contacted Propertymark with details of the Scottish Government's plans to introduce temporary changes to rent adjudication as part of the transition away from the Cost of Living Act. These measures will continue to limit rent increases to protect tenants.

06 Nov 2023
Strong message delivered on rental reform proposals

Propertymark continues to assert there is no advantage to introducing rent controls and urges Scottish Ministers to properly evaluate the evidence both from UK and across the world. Whilst formulating our response to the most recent engagement questionnaire we hosted a roundtable with members and Scottish Government officials where the strength of feeling from agents was clearly communicated.

02 Oct 2023
Agents urged to respond to Scotland rented sector reform consultation before 27 October 2023

Stakeholders have just a few weeks to add their voices to the discussion on Scottish Government plans to introduce a system of long-term rent controls for the private rented sector, strengthen tenant protections during the eviction process, enshrine the right to personalise a rented home, and make it easier for a tenant to request to keep a pet.

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28 Sep 2023
Unreturned keys on check out day

If a tenant fails to return the keys, this is normally taken to mean they have not given up the tenancy and therefore can be open to lots of issues for the landlord, even if the tenant has actually moved out.

Helpline FAQ, Abandoned house.jpg
28 Sep 2023

If you encounter abandonment in an assured shorthold tenancy, follow our eight steps to appropriately handle the situation.

Helpline FAQ, rent arrears.jpg
28 Sep 2023
What methods can I use to recover rent arrears?

Recovering rent arrears in England typically involves following specific legal procedures to ensure that you have a lawful and fair process for collecting the overdue rent.

Helpline FAQ, Rent tribunal.jpg
28 Sep 2023
What is a Rent Tribunal?

A Rent Tribunal, also known as a Rent Board or Rent Commission, is a quasi-judicial body established by local or regional governments to address disputes and matters related to rental housing.

Helpline FAQ, Power of Attorney.jpg
28 Sep 2023
How does a Power of Attorney work?

In the event that a landlord dies or has mental incapacity, if a Power of Attorney (POA) has been set up, the person(s) named as the landlord’s POA can instruct on the landlord’s behalf.

Helpline FAQ, Section 13.jpg
28 Sep 2023
How to serve a Section 13 notice of rent increase

Section 13 of the Housing Act 1988 allows a landlord to raise the rent on a periodic assured or assured shorthold tenancy by giving the tenant a notice of increase in the prescribed form.

Helpline FAQ, Door handle.jpg
28 Sep 2023
When can a tenant change the locks?

Generally, tenants do not have the right to change locks without the landlord's consent but it's crucial that tenants have their statutory right to ‘quiet enjoyment’.

Helpline FAQ, Garden alterations.jpg
28 Sep 2023
Garden alterations

Find out what steps you can take if the tenant has substantially altered the garden without permission.

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