If you are a Client Accounting Service Provider (CASP)

In January 2016 our Conduct and Membership Rules introduced changes in the way Member Firms are allowed to use a CASP. These changes were introduced to allow for the clear and accountable management of all client money that falls within the regulation of Propertymark.

This information must not be used in place of the Conduct and Membership Rules guidance. See rules for further guidance, in particular Rule 1.3. Rules....

In order to be accepted as a CASP for a Principal, Partner or Director Member Firm, your company must either be a Principal, Partner or Director Member Firm or else a firm regulated by RICS.

In addition:

  1. Your Principal, Partner or Director Member Firm must own and have sole control each client account
  2. Client money must be paid directly to your firm’s client account
  3. Your firm must pay the CMP levy
  4. You submit an annual accountant’s report for all the client money your company handles
  5. Your company must hold professional indemnity insurance with no exclusion or limitation in respect of fraud or dishonesty (fidelity cover relating to any third party's own money may be limited or excluded), and have a minimum limit of indemnity of £2m in respect of any one claim

Depending upon the nature of the landlord and tenant agreements, the business owner Member Firms you handle client money for will also have certain regulatory obligations.

Call us on 01926 417 365 for more information, or complete and return a Company Declaration Form and we will contact you.

Please note: If your firm is regulated by RICS then the above requirements do not apply. We accept evidence that a company is regulated by the RICS in lieu of our own regulation requirements.


See rule 1.3 of the Conduct and Membership Rules