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Recycling and Waste Management in Rented Property

Recycling is one of the best ways for people to have a positive impact on the world in which we live. It’s vitally important that letting agents, landlords and tenants understand the importance of recycling and their responsibilities before, during and after a tenancy.

Alarmingly, the UK generated 200 million tonnes of total waste in 2012. Half of this (50%) was generated by Construction. Commercial and Industrial activities generated almost a quarter (24%), with households responsible for a further 14%.

On a more positive note the UK recycling rate of ‘waste from households’ reached 44.9% in 2014, rising from 44.1% in 2013 and compares to 40.4% in 2010. However, there is an EU target for the UK to recycle at least 50% of household waste by 2020.

Encourage your tenants to manage their waste and recycling carefully by providing them with the relevant link below to help educate them about their responsibilities.  

Recycle Now

Recycle Now website will advise you on the importance of recycling. The website has a range of information and advice to ensure households recycle and do not fall foul of the rules:

Recycle for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Recycle Now also has country specific websites for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that you can use to find out more about recycling and reducing waste in your local areas.

Recycle for London

If you're in London you can enter your postcode into the Recycle for London website to find where and how you can recycle and the different collection days depending so that you can advise your tenants.




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