Leasehold Guides

The sale of leasehold properties has been on the increase over the last decade, so to help you better understand the ins and outs of the tenure, we’ve put together some handy guides that deal with issues you may face when it comes to buying or selling your leasehold home. Learn more about what it means to be a leaseholder and read our ground-breaking leasehold research.


Imagine having to pay escalating ground rent costs, extortionate alteration fees and be unable to sell your home – well that’s the reality that thousands of leasehold homeowners in the UK face today. Our report breaks ground on the leasehold scandal and sets out our robust recommendations to tackle the growing problem of life sentence leaseholds.


Freehold vs leasehold – the key differences

Experienced estate agent, Ian Harris explains the key differences between leasehold and freehold property. Read our guide...


Buying a leasehold property – what you need to know

Did you know that four in ten new properties in England and Wales are now sold as leasehold, ranging from one bedroom flats in city centres, to four bedroom detached homes in rural areas? More info...


Should you buy the freehold to your flat?

If you own a flat it is likely that you will not hold the freehold to the property. You will most likely be paying, not only your mortgage but also ground rent to the owner of the freehold. So what are the benefits and pitfalls of buying the freehold? More info...

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Leasehold: A guide to redress

The National Trading Standards Estate Agency Team have created a guide for leaseholders, providing information on your rights and responsibilities, explaining important terms and offering practical steps for what you can do if things go wrong. Read more...

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Good News for Leaseholders?

Mark Hayward, CEO of NAEA Propertymark, discussed the plight of leaseholders with the BBC. But Government plans are already being discussed to prevent homeowners being caught in a leasehold trap in future. Read more...