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Our reports take a monthly look at the trends affecting UK residential lettings. We gather the statistics by surveying letting agents who are members of ARLA Propertymark.

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28 Jun 2021
Rental demand at all time high

PRS REPORT: Propertymark members reported the number of new prospective tenants to be at an all time high. Jumping to 97 from April's figure of 82, the average number of tenants per branch was the highest figure on record for the month of May.

27 May 2021
Demand for rental accommodation highest on record for April

PRS REPORT: Our April report continues to show no sign of demand slowing down in the rental market with a record-breaking number of new prospective tenants for the month of April.

28 Apr 2021
Demand for rental accommodation continues to rise

PRS REPORT: Our March report shows no sign of demand slowing down in the rental market with the number of new prospective tenants rising for the third month in a row.

31 Mar 2021
Number of prospective tenants continue to rise

PRS REPORT: February's Private Rented Sector Report shows no sign of demand slowing down in the rental market.

26 Feb 2021
Surge in the number of prospective tenants seeking properties

PRS REPORT: Our first Private Rented Sector Report of 2021 shows the number of new prospective tenants rose by more than 27 per cent compared to December 2020, indicating no sign of demand slowing down.

28 Jan 2021
Less than a third of agents saw rent increases in December

PRS REPORT: Our December report highlights the consistent theme throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in that agents and landlords are continuing to respect the financial position of tenants by preventing rent increases wherever possible.

17 Dec 2020
Continuous drop in tenants experiencing rent increases

PRS REPORT: For the third consecutive month, our Private Rented Sector (PRS) report has confirmed that the number of landlords not increasing rent and respecting the financial positions of tenants during COVID-19 has again fallen.

30 Nov 2020
Number of tenants experiencing rent increases fell for second month in a row

PRS REPORT: During October only a third of agents witness landlords increasing rents, along with the number of new prospective tenants being at an all-time high.

30 Oct 2020
Tenants experiencing rent increases down 18 per cent year on year

PRS REPORT: 40 per cent of agents witnessed landlords increasing rent compared to 48 per cent in August which is also 18 per cent lower than in September 2019, when the figure stood at 58 per cent, showing that landlords are providing much-needed support for tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

29 Sep 2020
Demand from tenants continues to reach record levels

PRS REPORT: August shows a record-breaking month with the number of new prospective tenants continuing to rise, along with the average letting agent branch registering 101 new tenants, breaking July’s previous record.

27 Aug 2020
Demand from tenants highest ever on record

PRS REPORT: A record-breaking month across the board, with increases in demand, supply, and average tenancy length.

30 Jul 2020
Demand from tenants and rental supply highest on record for June

PRS REPORT: June saw the number of new prospective tenants continue to rise, following the Government’s COVID-19 lockdown, with the average branch registering 79 new tenants, compared to 70 on average in May.

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