Future direction of digital property sector mapped

Propertymark is a founding member of the Digital Property Market Steering Group (DPMSG) which represents areas of the sector with the greatest potential for accelerated digital adoption. Today, 17 January 2024, sees the group publish its roadmap to drive crucial change in the land and property market, with information sharing, digital ID checks and AI research among the first key priorities.

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Partnerships that drive progress

Collaboration through digitalisation can help deliver a more streamlined, faster, and cost-effective home buying and selling process. Propertymark is committed to working in partnership with the sector to find solutions that bring about positive change for consumers, agents, and wider society.

This strategic work programme reflects the DPMSG’s vision that collaboration, innovation, and a focus on emerging digital technologies will build on existing progress across the home buying and selling system to get a better result for the customer: simpler, faster, more certain and less stressful.

High volume of data and reports
04 Aug 2023
Propertymark is driving the evolution of UK digital property landscape

Ambitions for the Group’s first year

Key aspects of the work include developing an action list to remove paper-based processes and see rapid adoption of digital ID and secure e-signatures; a research and development roadmap; and a charter detailing roles and responsibilities across the sector to generate up front information.

The DPMSG will publish an annual report in 2024 to coincide with the anniversary of the 2023 launch event which will outline progress, the digital health of the property ecosystem, and its future direction.

DPMSG is also working closely with the Department for Levelling Up Housing and Communities (DLUHC) to understand how it can support future home buying and selling policy and collaborate with DLUHC’s new Proptech Steering Board. It will continue to be proactive in engaging stakeholders across the sector, broadening networks and diversifying the skillset.

The roadmap is underpinned by five key objectives:

  1. No surprises and no delays: upfront information means there are no surprises after the buying decision and no waiting for searches
  2. Transparency and innovation: sharing information using an open protocol allows everyone to see what is happening in a transaction and support innovative new consumer-friendly digital services
  3. Convenient and secure: using digital ID checks (just once) and e-signatures makes the process easier and more secure
  4. Always improving: collaborative research across users and the PropTech sector will accelerate the use of emerging technology such as Artificial Intelligence
  5. Open and collaborative: we will work in the open, publishing research, the programme of activities and an annual summary of progress

We are proud to be the sole representative body for estate agents in the DPMSG. At the heart of this work is an industry-wide ambition for everyone involved in buying, leasing, and selling land or property to experience a secure, modern market that is transparent, customer and business-friendly at all stages.

Timothy Douglas
Timothy Douglas Head of Policy and Campaigns | Propertymark
Change is hard but by working together, and being clear about the action that is needed, we believe that we will achieve a vision where everyone involved in buying, leasing and selling land and property experiences a secure and modern market that is transparent, customer-friendly and business-friendly at all stages. 
Mike Harlow Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Customer and Strategy | HM Land Registry
Without the support of the UK Government and especially the Land Registry, working together with industry to lay key foundations to digitise the buying and selling process, we just couldn’t make the enormous changes required. There is a lot to do, but if we continue to focus on improving the process for consumers, this will undoubtedly improve the day-to-day lives of those who work so hard, in often difficult situations, to put new roofs over people's heads.
Kate Faulkner OBE Chair | Home Buying & Selling Group

You can keep up to date with the latest DPMSG activity by following the DPMSG LinkedIn page and by tuning in to the ‘Property with a View’ podcast series.

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