Propertymark and Propertymark Qualifications celebrate National Apprenticeship Week

It’s National Apprenticeship Week, a time for organisations across the country to celebrate apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, employers, and the economy. As the EPA organisation for the Junior Estate Agent apprenticeship, Propertymark Qualifications is taking part this year with a series of interviews with employers and their apprentices within the property sector.

The Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship process initially began in July 2018 when the Institute of Apprenticeships approved the Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship standard, since then Propertymark Qualifications has carried out the first end-point assessment and has seen enrolments onto the apprenticeship scheme soar.

Despite the pandemic, 64 apprentices enrolled onto the Junior Estate Agent apprenticeship in 2020 and in the last month, this number has increased to 84, a clear sign that the sector continues to value the importance of professionalism and training.

As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, it’s brilliant to see a growing appetite for our Junior Estate Agent apprenticeship at a time when professionalism is of growing importance for the sector. Apprentices are the future of our industry and we’re hugely proud of everyone who is working towards or has completed their apprenticeship during these uncertain times.

Apprenticeships allow new industry talent to train and learn on the job, providing them with the confidence and skills they need to hit the ground running in their estate agency career. We have really focused our efforts on providing a quality experience for all apprentices who are enrolled, ensuring they have all the help and support they need to succeed.

Michael Smith Head | Propertymark Qualifications

Propertymark members getting the most out of apprenticeships

In the run-up to National Apprenticeship Week this year, we spoke with two prominent Propertymark members along with their apprentices about how apprenticeships work within their business and the benefits they can bring when utilised effectively.

To view the full interviews, head over to our Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter channels during the week.

The benefit of hiring apprentices is that we can teach them our way of doing things and we can give them the opportunity to make sure it’s the proper career for them and that they really want to follow this path.

We are really investing for the future. We’re taking Max on to give him the opportunity to learn the job really thoroughly and to progress through and once he’s completed his qualification, we will then look to appoint him into a permanent full-time position and to undertake his Level 3 qualification in anticipation for regulation.

Some apprentices can find it a bit of a cultural shock to come from school into the working environment, they have to be a lot more independent. Some do struggle with that initially, but they soon acquire that skill and confidence and it’s really wonderful to see them grow as people as they’re inspired by that self-confidence and motivation.

Simon Wilkinson Senior Partner | Wilkinson Partnership

Our apprentices, Chloe and Abby, have a huge role in our business. We made sure they had the correct training from the outset and now they are a fully fledged part of the team, following up on leads, arranging viewings, speaking with vendors and taking care of social media.

The key is to make sure your apprentices are integral to the business. One of our apprentices had a very different experience during a previous apprenticeship where they weren’t given enough responsibility or training and she was left twiddling her thumbs not really learning a lot.

We are so busy as an industry, so I can understand why some employers feel like they can’t find the time to dedicate to training apprentices, but if you do put the time in you reap the rewards.

Lauren Scott Managing Director | Trading Places

Next generation of estate and letting agents

I think the best thing about working in the property industry, especially here, is the amount of teamwork involved and how everyone plays a part from first meeting someone through to them buying a house. It’s really rewarding when they do that.
Chloe Apprentice | Trading Places
I’ve always liked houses and looking around them. I used to want to be an interior designer but realised as I got older it wasn’t really for me, but I’ve kept an interest in the property market. I like the lettings side because it’s definitely different, you can meet people from all walks of life.
Abby Apprentice | Trading Places
I’d definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship because there’s a lot that comes up during my day-to-day work that I now have the knowledge of through my apprenticeship, so if it does come up I’m ready for it.
Max Apprentice | The Wilkinson Partnership

Interested in hiring an apprentice?

There is now extra funding available for employers who take on apprentices during the Coronavirus pandemic. The new funding can be combined with existing funding to create a larger incentive for hiring a new apprentice. This includes:

  • £1,000 payment to employers taking on a new 16 to 18-year-old apprentice OR those aged under 25 with an Education, Health and Care Plan (where applicable).
  • 100 per cent funding of training costs for small employers (under 50 employees) for apprentices aged 16 to 18 years old or under 25 with an Education, Health, and Care Plan.
  • NEW: £2,000 payment to employers in England for each new apprentice hired aged under 25.
  • NEW: £1,500 payment to employers in England for each new apprentice hired aged 25 and over.

If you are thinking of taking advantage of the new funding, Propertymark Qualifications can guide you through the process.

Visit the Propertymark Qualifications website, or call 01926 417 794.