Behaviour Hotspots and Immediate Justice added to ASB Action Plan

Extra policing will be deployed in ten initial target areas before the plan is rolled out across England and Wales in 2024. The public will also have a simpler way to report ASB (anti-social behaviour), and perpetrators could face penalties within 48 hours.

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The Anti-social Behaviour Action Plan sets out the UK Government’s approach to stamping out ASB and restoring the right of people to feel safe in, and proud of, their local area. The plan gives Police and Crime Commissioners, local authorities, and other agencies the tools to tackle ASB issues facing communities.

Treating ASB with the urgency it deserves

Increased funding will be provided to support Police and Crime Commissioners in targeting hotspot enforcement areas where ASB is most prevalent and more police will be deployed to tackle the most prolific offenders. 

A new digital tool will be created for people to report ASB and the UK Governement will take a tougher approach in holding the police and other agencies to account.

The plan includes a commitment to make it easier to evict tenants who are persistently disrespectful and disruptive to their neighbours – something the UK Government intends to deliver through the Renter’s (Reform) Bill.

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06 Jul 2023
Propertymark supports ASB Awareness Week 2023

Immediate Justice service

People found to have committed ASB will be made to repair the damage – for example by removing graffiti, cleaning police cars, and picking litter – whilst under supervision. The ambition is to action this within 48 hours of someone being given a disposal by the police. Communities will have a say over the consequences faced by perpetrators through local consultations.  

ASB in Renters Reform

At the Second Reading and during the Committee Stage of the Bill’s progress calls were made for a clear definition of ASB which would reduce instances of domestic violence or mental health crisis being treated inappropriately. This would also allow courts to more easily prioritise and deal with genuine cases where suitable evidence could be provided.

An amendment paper released by the Committee on 15 November 2023 includes a new clause to require courts dealing with ASB possession cases to take into account whether a tenant has co-operated with the landlord or agent in resolving the behaviour, as well as considering the impact on other tenants who share the accommodation.