Energy Bill Support Alternative Funding and Winter Fuel Payments

The UK Government, in acknowledging customers who do not have a direct relationship with a domestic electricity supplier, has announced £400 support with an online application for eligible households to be open in January 2023.

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The alternative funding is aimed at those who aren’t eligible for the Energy Bill Support Scheme which started in October 2022. Those set to benefit include residents of park homes, some care home residents, tenants in certain types of private and social rented homes, homes supplied by private wires, residents of caravans and houseboats on registered sites, farmers living in domestic farmhouses without a domestic electricity connection, and households off-grid. 

A helpline will be available for those unable to apply online. Applications will be validated, and payments processed by the relevant local authority. The Energy Prices Act, enacted on 25 October 2022, ensures those benefits are passed on to consumers who do not pay their energy bills directly to an energy supplier.

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25 Oct 2022
Energy prices legislation introduced

The UK Government’s new Energy Prices Act has been put into law to support consumers in England, Scotland and Wales with energy costs. Households in Northern Ireland will receive a £400 discount on bills through the Northern Ireland Energy Bills Support Scheme.

Alternative Fuel Payment Scheme

Households who use heating fuels such as heating oil, LPG or biomass will see payments for the £200 Alternative Fuel Payment scheme commence in February 2023, with most payments being made that month through electricity suppliers. 

Those that do not receive automatic payments will be able to apply from February to the same online portal used for the Energy Bill Support Scheme Alternative Fund.

Northern Ireland Energy Bill Support Scheme 

A bespoke Energy Bills Support Scheme has been developed by the UK Government to deliver payments which will start in January 2023. A further announcement will be made in respect of Alternative Funding support for those in Northern Ireland without a domestic electricity supply.

Given the high level of alternative fuel use, households in Northern Ireland will receive £400 for the Energy Bills Support Scheme and £200 for the Alternative Fuel Payment. The single payment will come from energy suppliers directly to the bill payer's bank account, or as a voucher to be redeemed into a bank account or as cash

The UK Government has communicated with Northern Ireland energy suppliers with expectations for them to suspend all debt recovery and enforcement activity until the end of January 2023, as well as provide payment holidays to the same date.

Winter fuel and cost of living payments

11.6 million has been automatically paid to eligible pensioners across the UK with some payments set to continue into January 2023. Any pensioners who have not received anything by this time are urged to check bank statements for the following references before contacting their local DWP:

  • 'DWP WFP' for people in Great Britain
  • 'DFC WFP' for people in Northern Ireland

Claims for non-payment can be made up until 31 March 2023 with information on the UK Governments Winter Fuel Payment website on how to claim.

Cold weather payments

Households who receive benefits, including Pension Credit, Income Support, and Universal Credit – could be eligible for extra support until the end of March 2023.

When the average temperature has been recorded as or is forecast to be, zero degrees or below for seven consecutive days, £25 is paid to eligible households – view the UK Government's Cold Weather Payments checker →