Essential HM Land Registry services for estate agents

There are numerous ways that upfront information can help agents in today’s property market, including making it easier to value and list a property, and streamlining the buying and selling process . Propertymark encourages members to verify property details with HM Land Registry (HMLR) as best practice, particularly following the publication of Trading Standards’ full material information guidance in November 2023.

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As well as a monthly house price index which is available online, HMLR has other digital services that can be used to find more detailed information about specific properties. Many of our members have reported that information provided by sellers can be inaccurate or incomplete, so cross-checking the details can help reveal any issues that homebuyers would otherwise encounter further down the line, causing transactions to fall through.

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08 Apr 2024
Agents need land revenue services to be accessible and affordable

Valuable services for agents and homebuyers      

The Search for Land and Property information tool gives the last price paid for a property, confirms if it is leasehold or freehold, and can indicate if there are any covenants or easements on the property. The property summary information is free and instantly accessible. For £3 a Title register or Title plan is available which contains more detailed information such as who owns the property and whether there is a mortgage. 

Uncover potential hidden charges

Things like planning conditions, highway agreements, tree preservation orders, conservation areas, listed buildings and environmental health notices can all influence a buying decision. The Search for local land charges on land and property service reveals this information in advance and allows agents to prepare for any questions that might precede a sale. A personal search can be done for free or an official search for £15.

Read what is included in personal and official searches  →

HM Land Registry has worked with Local Authorities to bring their data into the search so results are standardised and accessible. To date, 89 local authorities have transferred their data with more to follow. It is possible to check if the relevant local authority has added their data before starting a search. 

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30 Nov 2023
Full Material Information guidance published

Be alerted to property fraud

As buyers approach the end of the process, agents may wish to signpost them to the free Property Alert service which offers monitoring for any potentially fraudulent activity. Whenever there’s a certain activity against a property, such as an application for a mortgage, an email alert is sent. The recipient can then decide whether the activity is suspicious and take appropriate action. An individual just needs to create a free Property Alert account and can add up to 10 properties. 

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Sales Protocol Toolkit

The toolkit offers huge potential to speed up transactions, reduce fall-through rates and comply with Consumer Protection Regulations.