Gallagher offer support to get agents on the path to professionalism

Gallagher, providers of specialist insurance for Propertymark members and sponsors of the 2022 Propertymark Qualifications Awards Ceremony, has announced funding to invest in agent education.

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Natasha Barrow representing the Gallagher team on stage at the Propertymark Qualifications Awards Ceremony, announced a £5k fund to help agents within two businesses to further their learning.

In making the bursaries, Gallagher who have a longstanding relationship with many Propertymark members, are looking to create new opportunities, supporting agents who may not otherwise achieve their professional qualifications.

We’re passionate about helping agencies thrive when it comes to education as keeping abreast of changes and upskilling staff is crucial in remaining a reputable agency. We were pleased to announce our £5,000 funding at this year's awards ceremony and look forward to revealing the two businesses who will be receiving it.

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Natasha Barrow Account Director | Gallagher

The UK awarding body provides professional qualifications for the leading sector brands and saw nearly 7,000 new learners register for a qualification, going on to take more than 10,600 exams. With increased appetite for qualifications and apprenticeships, this year’s ceremony was the largest gathering of its kind, scaled up to raise the roof on the sector’s success.

We’re thrilled to welcome Gallagher’s sponsorship this year and welcome their announcement which will further enhance the professionalism of the sector at a time where many agents are showing their continued appetite to get qualified with Propertymark Qualifications.

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Michael Smith Head of Qualifications | Propertymark Qualifications