Improving the beginning and end of tenancy

TDS has collaborated with various partners to improve the private rental experience for agents and landlords. New and improved features have helped to ensure that TDS stays up-to-date with current technology movements as the industry evolves.

Deposits transferred in one click

Agents have been spending too much time inputting deposit data into their CRM, losing valuable time and money because of the manual inputting process. 

TDS API eliminates the need for manual inputting, allowing agents to protect deposits by automatically transferring data at the click of a button, reducing the risk of inaccuracies and allowing agents to spend more time growing their business. Save time and money with the new TDS API  →

We understand how time-consuming it can be for letting agents to duplicate administration data at the start of a tenancy. Through the development of TDS API, our tech team has ensured that the registration process is as streamlined as possible, giving agents and landlords an optimum start to their tenancies.

Steve Harriott CEO | TDS

The TDS integration is another time and cost-saving enhancement to AcquaintCRM, making our customers’ life quicker and easier when processing tenancies.

Grant Jaquest Diractor | Bright Logic

This is another example of how productivity and compliance can be improved to everyone’s benefit with huge reductions in time by not duplicating data entry.

Alan Blockley Chief Executive | Teclet
Integration saving significant time

Goodlord has found through their research that this integration has saved up to ten minutes per tenancy registration

Registering deposits is one of the most important compliance tasks a letting agent must complete as part of the tenancy process, but it can also be a time-consuming one. This integration not only saves letting agents more time but also reduces their risk of making manual errors.

We are thrilled to make use of TDS’ API integration with AcquaintCRM in our agency. The advantages for us have been a reduction in admin-heavy data entry, meaning we can focus on other areas in our roles. The API has given us a competitive edge by allowing us to use the time we have saved in automating this part of the deposit process to grow our business.

Ronnie Clarke Rent Group

End of tenancy simplified with the Depositary

The integration between TDS Custodial and the Depositary is another step forward in streamlining processes. Agents no longer need to hop between platforms or duplicate data entry, wasting time on unnecessary manual-admin.

The partnership helps agents to automate approximate 80 per cent of their end of tenancy workload, plus allows tenants and landlords 24/7 access to the platform.

The Depositary and TDS Custodial complements the TDS Insured scheme, providing clients with an optimised service offering regardless of which TDS deposit solution agents opt for.

I did a lot of research and decided to switch deposit companies to TDS, which allowed us exclusive access to The Depositary, allowing a smoother end of tenancy process for our Tenants and Landlords. I can't thank TDS enough for how smooth and easy they made the transfer. 

I was concerned about migrating the deposit data knowing how notoriously difficult these things are, but it was an absolute breeze! The help and support received was incomparable.

Jasmyne Devereaux Senior Portfolio Manager | Charles David Casson

We’ve been crying out for a solution to make the process more transparent, consistent, and generally easier. The Depositary saves us time and angst in spades.

Ryan Woolfenden Co-founder | Leader Fox Poole
TDS: tenancy deposit protection

Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) is the only not-for-profit, Government-approved tenancy deposit protection scheme offering both FREE Custodial tenancy deposit protection and Insured tenancy deposit protection.

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