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29 Nov 2021
Renting with pets

This guide provides letting agents and their landlords with information that can help maximise the benefits of renting with pets while taking appropriate action to minimise the risk of damage.

01 Nov 2021
MoJ call for evidence: Dispute resolution in England and Wales

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) specifically asked for data about, and insights into, experiences of dispute resolution within and outside the court system to help them understand a range of factors including drivers of engagement, outcomes, standards and skills and training.

22 Oct 2021
Inventory image technology to help tenancy disputes

Inventory reporting has never been more important when dealing with tenancy deposit disputes. Now, with new 360° image technology from Inventory Hive and TDS, property professionals have entered a new era of inventory reporting.

02 Sep 2021
How to resolve deposit disputes fast (or avoid them altogether)

As many agents will be aware, disputes over tenancy deposits at the end of a tenancy can cause frustrating delays and unexpected costs. Fortunately, there are ways to resolve common disputes quickly and avoid them altogether.

23 Jun 2021
Speed up the end-of-tenancy process

TDS ran a poll amongst letting agents to find out where the most time was spent in the tenancy deposit process. Nearly half of agents reported that dealing with deposit disputes took the most time, with over a third stating that the end-of-tenancy was heaviest on administration.

16 Jun 2021
Additional costs and risks must be part of debate on renting with pets

Members of the House of Lords quizzed the UK Government yesterday on what it is doing to encourage landlords to be more pet friendly. The question was tabled by Lord Black who said that one million households that would like to have a cat cannot do so because they live in a rental property.

02 Jun 2021
Lifecycle of a tenancy deposit

Whether new to tenancy deposit protection or simply want to know more about the process, it helps to understand the lifecycle of deposits to avoid penalties and disputes. Debbie Davies, Head of Sales at TDS, explains seven steps every agent should be aware of.

28 May 2021
Deposit disputes: a little information goes a long way

Debbie Davies, Head of Sales and Client Success at TDS explains it’s all in the detail when it comes to tenancy deposits, the more information that is collected and provided the better.

08 Feb 2021
Deposit disputes and tenant fees – what agents need to know

As a letting agent, it is not only important to be up to date with permitted fees to avoid potential deposit disputes; it can also save you costly legal penalties too. Debbie Davies, former letting agent and now Head of Sales and Marketing at Propertymark Industry Supplier, Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), explains what agents need to know about tenancy deposit disputes and tenant fees.

27 Nov 2020
TDS — How to reduce pet-related tenancy deposit disputes

Sandy Bastin, Head of Adjudication Services at Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), discusses the debate on whether owners and agents should allow tenants to keep pets in private rented properties given the spike in pet ownership since the Coronavirus pandemic began.

22 Oct 2020
The tenancy deposit protection lessons TDS learnt in 2020

As we move through the difficult times of 2020, Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) takes a retrospective look at how challenges in the private rented sector have happened and how the property industry has managed them guiding agents to deal with or even avoid some issues in the future.

03 Sep 2020
The age of digital deposit management for student lets

Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), a Propertymark Industry Supplier, discuss the topic of agents being forced into accelerating and embracing digital processes over recent months and how they believe it isn’t necessarily a bad thing – especially regarding student lets.

17 Jul 2020
How to manage tenancy deposit returns after check-out delays during COVID-19

Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), discuss the best ways to manage tenancy deposit returns which have been delayed due to late check-outs on rental properties.

25 Jun 2020
Tenancy Deposit Scheme’s lessons from lockdown: Time to improve efficiencies

Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) discuss five top tips on ways to improve efficiencies in tenancy deposit protection to save agents time and money.

01 May 2020
Switching from insured to custodial with TDS

We encourage you to move deposits from insurance-backed schemes to free custodial schemes as interest rates drop. TDS have outlined all the ways you can benefit from switching in this guide.

21 Apr 2020
Unexpected cost benefits of using a Custodial Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme

At a time when many letting agents are reviewing their costs and processes, ARLA Propertymark wants to highlight the advantages of using TDS’ free Custodial deposit scheme.

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