Propertymark backs the next proptech revolutionaries

We’ve formed a landmark co-investment partnership with TDS to boost funding for REACH UK, a technology scale-up program which helps innovative new technology companies grow in the property sector through education, mentorship, and market exposure.

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An evolving collaboration

Propertymark has collaborated with REACH since its UK launch in 2020, and the programme has now run three successful cycles and has a portfolio of 25 proptech startups under its belt. 

For startups in the 2024 cohort, this partnership provides increased investment and the unique opportunity to collaborate with property industry giants. The programme will run for up to nine months and include a combination of education, major industry events, hand curated cohort exclusive events, mentorship, industry showcases and other growth opportunities.

A world of opportunities for the property sector

The new partnership is ambitious in its objectives and the impact it aims to make on the industry:

Foster Innovation

To catalyse innovation in property technology by fostering a supportive ecosystem for groundbreaking ideas and solutions.

Support new technology companies

To provide comprehensive support to startups, including financial investment, mentorship, and industry connections, facilitating their growth and scaling efforts.

Drive Technology Adoption

To accelerate the adoption of technology solutions in the property sector, demonstrating the value of innovation to professionals, landlords, estate agents, and the wider industry.

Increase Investment Opportunities

To broaden investment opportunities for property tech startups, enhancing their access to capital and resources for development.

Industry Collaboration

To foster dialogue and collaboration within the property sector, ensuring the collective advancement and adoption of best practices.

Long-term industry transformation

To drive a long-term transformation towards more efficient, transparent, and sustainable property practices through technology-driven solutions.


Applications to its highly anticipated 2024 programme, strengthened by the new co-investment partnership, are open until 30 April.

Find out more on the REACH website  →

Propertymark is extremely pleased to play its part in driving forward innovation within the property sector. We strongly believe in creating powerful relationships with organisations such as REACH UK and TDS Group to help lead industry evolution.

The property sector will see vast transformation across the next decade and our members constantly embrace new ideas and technology to enhance customer journeys. So, it’s hugely exciting to further build collaborations that are focused, creative, forward thinking, and that bring robust real-world solutions to life.

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Nathan Emerson CEO | Propertymark