Public trust is vital for adoption of digital identity services

The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) has published findings following a public dialogue, with simplicity, keeping control of personal data and robust complaints procedures emerging as key issues for digital identity services.

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This insight will be used to enhance the UK digital identity and attributes trust framework – a set of rules and standards that digital identity providers can follow to demonstrate they meet robust requirements surrounding cyber security, fraud and inclusion to build trust in their services.

Read the report from DSIT  →

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05 Jan 2024
Data sharing framework to enable digital homebuying

Benefits of digital identity services

Everyone involved in buying, leasing, and selling land or property should experience a secure, modern market that is transparent, customer and business-friendly at all stages.

Being able to share digital identities and attributes with different organisations, and between users, will make it easier to complete property transactions digitally because it will be much quicker and safer to prove an individual’s identity and eligibility when they interact with a new organisation, such as an agent, surveyor, or conveyancer.

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24 Feb 2023
Improving the home buyer's experience through digital identities 

Barriers to adoption reducing

To ensure that these services can be adopted confidently and securely, DSIT is developing a trust framework of rules and standards, alongside supporting governance and legislative measures, which will help to ease any remaining concerns in the sector, for example, about where liability would fall for any failures in the system. 

Collaboration through digitalisation can help deliver a more streamlined, faster, and cost-effective home buying and selling process. Propertymark remains committed to working in partnership with the sector to find solutions that bring about positive change for consumers, agents, and wider society.

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17 Jan 2024
Future direction of digital property sector mapped

Digital Property Market Steering Group (DPMSG)

Propertymark is a founding member of the DPMSG, which represents areas of the sector with the greatest potential for accelerated digital adoption. At the start of 2024 the group published its roadmap to drive crucial change in the land and property market, with information sharing, digital ID checks and AI research among the first key priorities.

You can keep up to date with the latest DPMSG activity by following the DPMSG LinkedIn page and by tuning in to the ‘Property with a View’ podcast series.