Assured Advice 4: Display of business names

In this assured advice Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service provides guidance around how and where you need display your business name.

Arbon House, Propertymark HQ

This Primary Authority Advice has been produced by Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service, in partnership with The Property Ombudsman and Propertymark, for use by member businesses as an aid to complying with the law. If you follow this advice correctly, your local Trading Standards Service should respect this and not ask you to comply with the law in a different way. If you are contacted by a local authority enforcement body, please inform them that you are a member of the scheme.

NB – Substantial parts of this advice relate to legislation not listed as ‘Relevant enactments’ under the Regulatory Enforcement & Sanctions Act 2008. They should therefore be considered as outside the ambit of Assured Advice (download document to learn more).

Assured advice issued:

For the purposes of this advice, ‘partnership’ means a partnership within the Partnership Act 1890, a limited partnership registered under the Limited Partnerships Act 1907, or a firm or entity of a similar character formed under the law of a country or territory outside the United Kingdom.

In relation to limited liability partnerships (LLPs), the provisions relating to limited companies should be applied (but see below re large LLPs). (Companies Act 2006 (CA), as amended by Limited Liability Partnerships (Application of Companies Act 2006) Regulations 2009 (LLPR)).

Reference to abbreviations such as LLP, Ltd, etc. also apply to their permitted equivalents in other languages, e.g. Welsh, Gaelic, etc

What are the requirements for displaying a business name in an estate agency for:

Does the display of the business name have to be visible from outside the premises?

Not for a business name. The details must simply be displayed where they can be easily seen inside the premises.

Registered company names shall be so positioned that it may be easily seen by any visitor to that office, place or location (Reg 23(2)(a) Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business (Names and Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2015 (CLLP)).

What are the requirements for business names on:

Are there display requirements for communication media?

Every electronic communication (email, text, etc.) must make the following clear:

  1. that it is a commercial communication;
  2. the business on whose behalf it was sent (including registered name in the case of a limited company or LLP);
  3. that any promotional offer is just that, and any terms and conditions which must be met to qualify for it should be easily accessible, and presented clearly and unambiguously; and
  4. details of any promotional competition or game, again ensuring that any conditions for participation are easily accessible and presented clearly and unambiguously.

Any unsolicited electronic communication must be clearly and unambiguously identifiable as such as soon as it is received. (ECR).

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