Landlords should wise-up not sell-up

Beleaguered landlords are increasingly looking to sell up and exit the market but may be unaware of the extensive help and support available to them.

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With the right tools, advice and support from professionals, the experience of being a landlord can be transformed and is likely to remain a sound investment.

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Anyone thinking of selling their buy-to-let properties should make sure that they have considered all the alternatives before taking that big step. A Propertymark agent can help explore the options and find ways to overcome the barriers a landlord is facing that are driving them to this radical choice, which in turn impacts those looking for quality property to rent.

Almost everything can be overwhelming when trying to tackle it alone. Just as nobody would think twice about consulting a solicitor for legal advice, the first port of call for advice on landlord issues should be a highly trained Propertymark expert. Whatever the problem faced, there will be options to explore, and solutions to be found.

Economic difficulties

As the world emerges from an unprecedented global pandemic into an economic readjustment, many landlords are re-evaluating their position. Coupled with ever-changing regulatory requirements, increasing numbers of landlords are deciding that enough is enough. A survey by the District Councils Network in late 2021 found that 76 per cent of councils responding had seen an increase in landlords selling up and a corresponding rise in demand for rented property.

However, a decision to exit the buy-to-let market is likely to be premature and ill-advised. Propertymark’s monthly PRS Reports show rents increasing over the last three months, void periods at their shortest for many years and high numbers of tenants seeking properties. By taking advantage of the help and support available, it can still make good sense to be a landlord.

A helping hand for landlords

Navigating the requirements of being a landlord is not easy, particularly for someone new to the experience or who lacks the time or expertise to keep on top of evolving demands. Propertymark agents are professionals who are required to be trained to a higher standard than the law demands and can offer advice and support to make the experience of being a landlord simpler. They understand the pressures that landlords are under and can cut through the jargon and confusion to provide the answers and solutions needed, whatever the situation.

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Landlord guides

There are a number of important factors to consider for anyone thinking about letting their property. From practical advice to legal responsibilities, our guides are here to help.

We have a range of free guides to help with the most common issues, and other resources are available to simplify the process of keeping on top of all the requirements. When dealing with a Propertymark agent, landlords can be assured that they are up to date on current and forthcoming regulation and undergo regular professional training and checks.

Are you Propertymark Protected? 

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Letting agents can value the potential rental yield for your property, undertake referencing, tenancy agreements, deposit protection, maintenance, inventories and ensure you're compliant with the law. By using one of our members you are guaranteed to be consulting with a professional agent who will give you up-to-date advice and guidance.