New measures to help households reduce energy bills

The UK Government has announced a new £1bn ECO+ scheme to help insulate homes to reduce energy consumption, aimed at saving households £310 a year as well as making homes more energy efficient.

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Joining the existing £6.6bn Help to Heat energy schemes, the latest funding will ensure hundreds of homes benefit from new insulation and with that, decrease utility bills.

Further support will also see £18mn dedicated to an information campaign offering tips and advice to families looking to reduce their gas and electricity costs. 

Of the £1 billion funding available through the new ECO+ scheme, around 80% of the funding will be made available for those households who are in some of the least energy-efficient homes in the country – that is, those with an EPC rating of D or below – and in the lower Council Tax bands.

This will benefit those households who do not currently benefit from any other government support to upgrade their homes. Around a fifth of the fund will also be targeted to those who are the most vulnerable, including those on means-tested benefits or in fuel poverty.

Design of the Energy Company Obligation consultation

Making homes energy efficient is the best way to mitigate the current energy crisis and a consultation on the ECO: 2023-2026 scheme is looking for views from consumer representatives, energy suppliers and those with an interest in energy efficiency and fuel poverty policies.

The UK Government intends to lay the necessary legislation for the scheme to launch in Spring 2023 and run until March 2026. However, they also plan to work with energy suppliers to explore the potential for some earlier delivery in 2023.

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Energy saving tips

The Help for Households campaign will also be expanded to inform customers about becoming more energy efficient and reducing their bills in the process, while also giving vulnerable groups the right information for doing this without harming their health.

Among the UK Government’s top recommendations to homes looking to save money on their energy bills include:

  • To reduce the temperature a boiler heats the water before it is sent to radiators (known as the boiler flow temperature) from 75 to 60 degrees
  • Turn down radiators in empty rooms
  • Reduce heating loss from the property such as draught-proofing windows and doors

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