Partnership with Move iQ’s Phil Spencer to endorse Propertymark Protection

Propertymark is announcing a major initiative to expand consumer understanding of Propertymark Protection. A brand-new partnership with Move iQ, founded by property expert and TV personality Phil Spencer, will provide a platform to educate consumers on the risks of using an unqualified agent.

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Positioning our members front and centre as credible professionals and the agent of choice

The partnership represents significant investment and is underpinned by Phil Spencer’s desire to help all those buying, selling, letting and renting, to identify the agents in their local area who are best in class, and to understand the importance both of regulated agencies and qualified professionals.

Move iQ podcast series

It follows a Move iQ podcast series at the start of the year, where Phil Spencer invited input from Nathan Emerson, CEO of Propertymark alongside the Propertymark Presidential team.

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Move iQ property podcast

We sponsored series 6 of the Move iQ Podcast. Join Phil Spencer, founder of Move iQ and popular presenter of Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location, and members of the Propertymark team as they talk about the common issues that buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants face.

This announcement is the latest development by Propertymark to deliver on strategic commitments

Set out by the Propertymark Board in February 2021, the strategy's objectives focus on four pillars with members at the heart, underlining the importance of members having a clear voice in lobbying and the media, and of consumers differentiating on quality.

Propertymark has the largest network of property professionals. Our members are in dialogue with clients daily and have up to the minute market intelligence, they understand the importance of being independently regulated and achieving specialist qualifications. This partnership is an important step forward in ensuring that consumers understand the difference between an agent that is Propertymark Protected and one that is not.

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Nathan Emerson CEO | Propertymark

"Standards matter and we fully support Propertymark in pushing this forward"

We are delighted at Move iQ to be working with Propertymark to help raise consumer awareness about what it means to be a qualified and regulated property professional in the UK. Standards matter and we fully support Propertymark in pushing this forward. 

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Phil Spencer Founder | Move iQ
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06 Jul 2022
Phil Spencer toolkit

Phil Spencer has the biggest following among consumers and he fully endorses the benefits of Propertymark Protection. Download your Phil Spencer toolkit and benefit from his endorsement of your high standards as Propertymark Protected members.