Proptech can simplify block maintenance reporting for residents and site inspectors

Managing numerous residents, in some cases thousands, all in one building is a highly responsible job and agents need a thorough and robust system to make sure nothing slips through the net.

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When it comes to residential block management it is essential to keep data and maintenance reporting simple and efficient. Block property management can differ slightly from residential property management, depending on the individual properties or developments, but the key areas generally are:

  • Internal cleaning of communal areas
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Tree maintenance
  • Emergency repairs, including plumbing and electricity
  • Facilities management, including lifts and smoke alarms
  • Roofing repairs
  • Painting and decorating both inside and outside

Communal areas also need assessment, including safety management, fire escapes, extinguishers and alarms, stairwell cleanliness and safety, lifts, lighting and emergency lighting, building security management, waste disposal management, general maintenance management, and management of outdoor facilities, including landscaping.

Proptech solutions

Thanks to current user-friendly Proptech software solutions, for block and estate management and site inspection processes can be slick, with overall performance improved and detailed reports automatically created for clients.

Choosing the right software is key to accessing all the potential benefits on offer. Look for solutions that cover the full tenancy cycle, make it easy to collect, collate and review data, and produce the reports you need automatically. Paperless systems are not only eco-conscious but can also reduce costs, and with secure and accessible cloud-based data storage documents can be emailed directly to property owners and residents to e-sign. Digital site audit and checklist features are designed to make site inspections effortless, leading to quicker inspections and greater productivity.

A residents’ portal, with fully logged two-way messaging between the managing agent and resident, can have further benefits beyond enhanced communication. Cloud-based portals for residents can hold all useful documentation related to the occupancy, as well as instructions for white goods, important dates and reminders.

Residents can even conduct their own midterm reports and forward maintenance issues directly to their managing agent or chosen contractor. This empowers residents and reduces the admin burden on managing agents, leaving more time to focus on higher-value tasks. Once maintenance issues are raised, contractor and maintenance tracking means oversight and auditing are simple. The most cost-effective software options offer unlimited users per agency branch for one set price, so there is no restriction on the number of people who can log in.

Confidence in compliance

Having software that contains all of this information in one place will help provide the confidence that properties are always Fit for Human Habitation (FFHH) compliant - and the monitoring of monitor Gas Safety Certificates, EPCs, and EICRs can take place for each property within the portal. The more elite software will automatically track report-driven compliance from each midterm that is conducted, with reminders to update and monitor smoke alarms, CO detector compliance, heat detectors, etc. FFHH compliance is checked and automatically updated every time a midterm report is synchronised.

Proptech for block management has certainly proved itself to be an invaluable and reliable tool for block management and choosing the right software is crucial for smooth running and proficiency.

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