Housing Quality Goals & Section 21: How can we achieve a Safer PRS?

The PRS currently comprises over 4.6 million rented homes in the UK, with 21% (966,000) classified as non-decent, highlighting the urgent need for action to ensure fair and decent living conditions for tenants.

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Agents play a vital role in supporting landlords to meet their obligations, but how do you navigate the ever-changing regulations while ensuring their properties meet necessary standards? Plus, how can you support positive tenant-landlord relationships amidst all these challenges?

Sián Hemming-Metcalfe will navigate you through these important topics, identify challenges, and explore solutions, including:

  • Tenant challenges: Affordability and access to quality housing
  • Agent challenges: Maintenance responsibilities and regulatory compliance

She will also shed light on the current landscape of rental market trends, rental prices and housing availability, housing quality challenges, substandard living conditions and lack of affordable options.

The implications of Section 21 abolition will also be examined, and how that will impact tenants' rights and housing security, along with the challenges and opportunities for agents in managing tenancies.

And finally, Sián will explain how technology can support agents with:

  • Compliance tracking tools: Digital record-keeping systems and automated maintenance reminders
  • Interconnected solutions: Improved inspection protocols and investment in affordable housing initiatives
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Sian Hemming-Metcalfe

Operations Director, InventoryBase

Sián has been a member of the Inventory Base team for over 6 years, having first taken the reins as Head of Training and now as Operations Director. An advisor to ARLA Propertymark Board - Inventories and an Open Property Data Association Executive Member - her unique perspective and expertise in the reporting sector enable her to deliver training, guidance, and support to inventory professionals, property managers and agents across the industry.