Consultation on the Banning of Letting Agent Fees paid by Tenants

We do not support the banning of letting agents charging fees to tenants. We believe fees should be open, transparent and reasonable. They represent legitimate costs to business that need to be covered.

Agent shaking hands with couple outside a property

Summary of our response

When renting a property, a tenant is taking a legal interest in land for the duration of their tenancy and the fees charged to tenants are broadly similar to those charged when purchasing a property (referencing checks equate to mortgage application fees, contract negotiation charges are akin to conveyancing, and Inventory costs are similar to a survey).

In terms of fees, the only difference between renting a home and buying a property is that when purchasing a property, the fees are paid to three different parties and generally cost the purchaser much more, whereas when renting a property, the letting agent acts in a quasi-legal capacity, undertaking these tasks on behalf of the tenant.

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