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Propertymark and TPO have formed a Primary Authority partnership with Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards to benefit our member firms through the provision of 'assured advice' on a range of matters. 

Primary Authority enables a business to form a legal partnership with a local authority who then provide assured advice on Trading Standards regulations that other local authorities must respect even if they interpret the regulations differently. This ensures a consistent approach to regulation and enforcement across the country.

You must be registered with the scheme in order to benefit from it. All businesses that are Propertymark Protected are automatically enrolled into our Primary Authority partnership.

Other members and start-up companies can also access the same advice so that they can set up appropriate business practices and procedures based on the advice of Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards.

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24 Sep 2020
Assured Advice 39: Video Viewings

How do the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations apply to property viewings conducted via video? Such viewings may be live or pre-recorded, and may be conducted by an agent or by a vendor/landlord.

30 Apr 2020
Assured Advice 4: Display of business names

In this assured advice Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service provides guidance around how and where you need display your business name.

17 Apr 2020
Assured Advice 38: Pollution and flood risk

Would it be a misleading omission to fail to give information about pollution levels or flood risks for a residential property for sale or let?

23 Dec 2019
Assured Advice 21: Letting fees on adverts

Is it misleading for a letting agent not to display penalty fees in their adverts?

17 Dec 2019
Assured Advice 37: Violent deaths and paedophiles

We have advice from Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards around whether agent sneed to disclose whether the previous occupant was murdered, committed suicide or a paedophile.

17 Dec 2019
Assured Advice 36: Developers and rental income guarantess

Read the assured advice provided by Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service based on questions around buy-to-let investment opportunities and marketing properties on behalf of developers.

28 Nov 2019
Assured Advice 22: Burglaries at a property

Should Agents inform a prospective tenant that there has been a burglary, or multiple burglaries in the property they are applying to let?

23 Sep 2019
Assured Advice 24: Advertising rental prices

Is it misleading to advertise the cost of rent as an amount payable ‘per person per week’ for a shared property?

23 Sep 2019
Assured Advice 17: Displaying letting fees

Is it misleading for a letting agent not to display tenant and landlord fees in their offices?

17 Apr 2019
Assured Advice 34: Property Information Questionnaire

Does the Propertymark Property Information Questionnaire, if properly completed, ensure compliance with the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008?

09 Apr 2019
Assured Advice 35: Letting agent referral fees

National Trading Standards Guidance on Transparency of Fees Involving Property Sales says that estate agents etc. should disclose information about referral fees. Does this also apply to letting agents?

14 Feb 2019
Assured Advice 33: Incentives to landlords

In circumstances where a local council offers a financial incentive to landlords to accept specific tenants (e.g. in receipt of Housing Benefit), can a letting agent be entitled to keep that incentive payment as part of their fee?

09 Jan 2019
Assured Advice 32: Advertising HMO accomodation

When accommodation in a house in multiple occupation (HMO) is advertised in anticipation of the necessary planning permission and/or licence being granted before tenants move in, must this fact be disclosed in advertising material?

23 Oct 2018
Assured Advice 31: Listed buildings and Energy Performance Certificates

When are listed properties exempt from the need for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) on marketing for sale or rent?

15 Aug 2018
Assured Advice 30: Advertising sold properties

Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service answer question around how you can continue to advertise sold properties or use them in your marketing materials.

09 Jul 2018
Assured Advice 29: Safety of products in rented accomodation

Our members' have asked Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service for advice on a few questions in relation to the safety of products within rented accommodation.

14 May 2018
Assured Advice 28: Sale of upholstered furniture at auction

What are the specific safety requirements for selling upholstered furniture at auction?

14 May 2018
Assured Advice 27: Commission on property for sale

If selling a share in a property, can an agent charge commission on the value of the property itself or only on the price to be paid for the share in the property?

14 May 2018
Assured Advice 7: Consumer Protection Regulations and certain situations

In this issue, Warwick Trading Standards Service answer questions on restrictive covenants, planning applications, Japenese Knotweed, parking at flats and a question whether you should disclosure that previous tenant was electrocuted and died.

13 Nov 2017
Assured Advice 16: Pre-emption agreement and internet connectivity

Does an agent have to notify a consumer of any pre-emption agreements that will be applied on the sale of the property? Should an agent disclose whether a property has internet connectivity (broadband or dial up) to potential purchasers?

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